Forever Gouki


Forever Gouki, is out of respect to the almighty Akuma/Gouki


that looks amazing wow.


this shit is sickkk, great job


Jesus dude, that is so sick! :tup:


dude what is that?

i can’t tell how you made it ( looks AMAZING btw)

it reminds me of tekken style cgi/pre rendered suff.


Fucking nice dude, looks like Gouki is ready to fuck some shit up.


Thanks guys glad you like it
i modified an image to look like akuma


Holy crap! Is that CGI?



That has to be the illest pic I have ever seen as far as a art made of Gouki. Yo if its ok with you I’m going to use that art and make a TE template for the new SFIV arcade stick Round 2 I’m getting.


This is photo manipulation not cgi
glad you like it


sure man here is a higher res version


Damn, this needs to be like wallpaper resolution. Too sick.

This is what Akuma would look like if he were in Tekken, lol.


Do you know how to make this into a TE template? I don’t but I was asking around to see if anyone can make me one but nobody has answer me yet. But I want to make it cause I’m getting the new SFIV madcatz TE round 2 stick this fall and that pic would be ill as fuck.


Got no clue bro


Logic your work is sick as always!


Thanks champ , appreciate it


Great stuff, is that the original resolution?


looks sweet, Logix. dramatic lighting makes for an interesting pic :tup:


amazing!!! keep going!!! never stop creating


Amazing work :amazed: