"Forget about the old image" - Ricky Ortiz on SFxT


“The community can just play the game and give it a chance. Forget about the old image SFxT was first given and give the game another look. I guarantee if people give it a fair chance, they will love it a lot.”



Aboslutely agree with Ricky, the game was always good even vanilla and its even better now.


People still are gonna have their opinions… In todays day and age its “COOL” to hate something so people are gonna hate SFxT just because they like hating something.

Actually one of my friends hated the vanilla game and refused to play v2013 but he managed to play it one day and he felt in love with it… I just wish more people play and realize how good this game is, its pretty much CVS3


please don’t be ridiculous

I’m all for saying “give this game another chance.” I did just that a few weeks ago and thought it was a much better game.

but no it is not “pretty much CVS3.” it plays nothing like CVS2. like… you would be hard pressed to find a ground based Capcom fighter that is less like SFxT than CVS2.

since SFxT came out, we’ve heard things like “oh 3s players will love this game” or “CVS2 fans will like this, grooves are like gems!” of course those things are not true at all. you have to treat SFxT as it’s own game because that’s what it is.


It’s nothing to do with SFxT itself, more to do with people having to drop one of their existing games to pickup something new.


I will give this game another chance. Played vanilla for two weeks, but as soon as I heard version 2013 improved it a lot, I want to try the game again.


I agree and disagree. First and foremost I’m not sure where he’s getting this “moves are more punishable” thing. Hate to tell you, its not that way. I still get PUNISHED after trying to beat out DPs because all they have to do is tag cancel. Meter builds so much faster that not having 1 bar for a random ass DP is rare. If your character has no 3 frame reversal, you’re not punishing shit. I also feel the game is still a jab happy broken fest of a game. Needs some changing in those regards.

Despite these I"ve been giving it another chance, and it seems worse IMO. I’m giving up on it fairly soon.