Forgot name of old arcade fighting game


Ok I’ve been racking my brain for details about this game and i just can’t seem to find it no matter how many google searches I do.
The only things I remember really are some of the enemies you had to fight. It was sort of like a arena, and you were just thrown in and had to fight a enemy to make it to the next stage. There was definitely a huge scorpion that you had to fight and if you hit its tail enough times you could cut it off. The other enemies are even less detailed, I think there may be a skeleton, a centaur, and a mage of wizard of some kind that was hard to get to.
I was guessing that the name started with battle, like battledrome or something like that buy my furious google searching has come up with nothing but the mech fighting game of the same name which certainly isn’t it so the game might not start have battle in it for all I know.
The game is pretty old, im 28 and all i remember was that i was really young when me and my brother took turns on it at the corner store.
I hope this is in the right spot in the forums, I’m new and saw a similar thread for a different game in my google search.
Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!


Sounds kinda like Hippodrome to me.


Was there a smurf-like blob in it?



It’s Street Fighter 2.


good call ProfessorS! hippodrome has to be it, i sucked at some of the details i guess, but scorpion guy is there at least. thanks for the help