Forgotten Console Fighters

Heres a list of some FCFs (yes i just made that abbreviation up), which some of you may remember. Most of them you probably don’t, and for good reason too


-Kart Fighter - 1990
A bootleg fighting game based on Mario Kart, its must be boom right? Check it out

-Master Fighter 2 (Xoxo Soft) - 1992
A complete rip off of Street Fighter 2 for the NES, only has 5 characters, but guess who they are? None other than Ryu, Guile. Chun li, Zangief and Vega (dictator). Also apparently Giefs SPD is just a standing close forward+punch. I tried looking up the company who made it, Xoxo Soft, but apparently this is their only game, hmm. Unfortunately i couldn’t find any vids.

-Joy Mech Fight (Nintendo) - 1993
Just WTF, lol. And from Nintendo too, apparently. However it looks like it might have actually been OK gameplay wise, well compared to the other games you’ll see on this list anyway. Heres a vid.

-Street Heroes (Thin Chen Enterprises/Sachen) - 1995
Errrr…Air. A late comer, obviously unlicensed. Not really too much information on it. Heres a vid if you want to check it out. [media=youtube]dGa2b7D_j_c[/media]
Also heres the wiki page for the company that made it. Also creaters of Thunder Blast Man, lol.

Master System

-Street Fighter 2’ (Tec Toy) - 1997
Another copy of Street Fighter 2, but unlike Master Fighter 2 on the NES, it looks like a bit more effort went into this, it has more characters, aswell as better graphics and sounds, but it looks like it plays pretty shockingly, even though it was made in 1997, lol.

-Virtua Fighter Animation (Aspect/Tec Toy) - 1997
Another masterpeice… of **** from Tec Toy. Some of you might know it as Virtua Fighter mini on the gamegear.

Wow a dark horse for fighters or what, theres actually some pretty acceptable fighters on this system.

Elfmania (Terramarque) - 1994
-This fighter is pretty original, check out the wiki page. While the gameplay is probably not the best, the animation is nice, sound is great, and is probably a pretty enjoyable 1 player experience.
Only vids i could find were Amiga Long plays, [media=youtube]wBBiM9I80Mw[/media]

-Shadow Fighter (NA.P.S. Team) - 1994
Wow, another reasonable fighting game on the Amiga, Doesn’t look as good graphically as Elfmania, but it looks like it could make for an OK 2 player fighter, with a good selection of characters with special moves. The music and sound seem top tier too. Once again another long play vid, [media=youtube]taCR8R4_7Po[/media]

-Body Blows (Team 17) - 1995
From the creators of Worms, unfortunately this doesn’t look like it plays anywhere near as good, but the sprites are aleast decent. But by far the best thing about this game is the intro music, its too good. [media=youtube]_A31jV3nElY[/media]

-Capital Punishment (ClickBoom) - 1996
Unfortunately i couldn’t really find out too much about this game, but once again it seems like a fairly decent effort on the Amiga, although since it was made in 1996 it probably feels and plays very dated compared to other games of the time, but plays exceptionally well, compared to other Amiga games. However theres only 4 playable characters, eeek. Heres a review, if you want more info,

TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine

-Strip Fighter 2 (Games Express) - 1993
What more is there to say, an absymal SF2 clone, but with strippers. [media=youtube]GdCn39yh3_k[/media] (contains nudity)

Neogeo AES

-Ragnagard/Shin Ou Ken (SNK) - 1996
I know it was on MVS, but I think this game really needs a mention. Its just horrible, how could SNK make this? What do the Neogeo heads think of this game?

Too Come


i’ve been enjoying your threads lately, you’re really putting some time into SRK lol. chun li has a crazy roundhouse on that master system version.

Find me some Fighting Masters on the Megadrive. Nobody except me seems to have played this game.

I miss Clay Fighters

Great thread man, I really enjoyed the vids too but what about clay fighter?

Cyberbots. :sad:

I see your suggestions, and raise you the “Hiryu no Ken” series from Culture Brain.

Between “Flying Dragon” (NES), “Flying Warriors” (NES), “Ultimate Fighter” (SNES) and “Flying Dragon” (N64), the series has had a rather small presence in the States, even though the US still ended up missing out on like the other 60% of the series, which actually included more traditional fighting games for the SNES.

Any way, I loved this series of games just because of its rather interesting gameplay style, which was conducive for “Vs.” play, as well as the in-game story mode. The “ShinGen System” pretty much could be described as sort of like a REALLY early rendition of the whole “Parry” mechanic that SF3 and others would hone and popularize a decade later.

Some vids:

Flying Dragon (NES) - ([media=youtube]Yc7TAzVFwns[/media]) Shows off the first level, and then gets into the mechanics that operate the game’s “Vs.” mode.

Flying Warriors (NES) - ([media=youtube]3fIvyVhwRvo[/media]) Pretty much a further demonstration of the game’s mechanics, only in a better version of the game

Hiryu no Ken 3 (NES, no US release) - ([media=youtube]3DT1Nr2vkVU[/media]) Etc., but does showcase more on how this series can be completely random at points, where, in the story mode, sometimes you’ll have to transform into a Saint Seiya type of warrior and continue the fight that way.

SD Hiryu no Ken (SNES, no US release) - ([media=youtube]H_ytZrqwIls&mode=related&search=[/media])
First one is basically just the opening demo, while the second one is a combo demo. Game actually is pretty good, and it’s a shame that they ended up picking the game that would end up becoming “Ultimate Fighter” (Hiryu no Ken S, which wasn’t that good) as the series’ sole representation on the SNES in the States. And if it looks some what familiar, it means you’ve probably played the N64 game…

Which brings us to “Flying Dragon” (N64) - Game was unique in that was actually two games in one, “Virtual Mode” ended up trying to be more or less a straight Tekken rip (which people ended up shunning overall), while Kids mode basically continued where the SNES game left off, complete with a RPG-ish quest mode that allowed you to level up, get items and other interesting things.

Two vids of 1P quest mode: [media=youtube]peylryS2I24&mode=related&search=[/media]

I really hope Culture Brain (series creators) comes back into prime, one day. Next to Technos, they were probably my fave dev to go to if I wanted to play some rather unique games.

Here’s two game series I remember, which have drifted into obscurity, but had many console releases:

Asuka 120% Series

Variable Geo Series

Mullah thanks for the interest, its good to know someone is enjoying my threads. TBH though i don’t care too much about SRK, most of my threads here are just reposts of articles i’ve written at Neoempire. Anyway if you got any ideas for some good topics feel free to pm me.

Clay fighter fans calm down, its on its way.

CyberAkuma, the Hiryu no Ken series is quite interesting and thanks for the info, saves me time writing them up and finding videos. SD Hiryu no Ken looks the best of the bunch, i wouldn’t mind getting in some games of that over zbattle in the future or something.

Xorcist, those 2 are actually my top 2 picks of the PSX console only fighters. They play quite decently from what I’ve seen, and might be worth a more thorough looking into.

When it comes time for the Saturn segment don’t forget about [media=youtube]KUOEnTT9sWQ[/media]! I love that game!

There was also pretty fighter on the NES or SNES I believe. All I remember was it was terribly clunky and horribly glitchy lol. Good times.

Great thread BTW!

LOL as the self proclaimed king genesis fanboys i got a few FCF’s:

TMNT tournament fighters
lots of fun n can actually be played on some competative level

no…just no i shouldnt even have mentioend it


cyborg justice
make ur own robot n fight…its as good as it sounds

WTF? what a weirdass game

very underrated great game n can be played on a competative level i would love to see this at EVO i’m glad its on the xbla so now we can all play it online

samurai showdown2
1 of my favorite fighting games ever i love it although hanzo was broken lol

world heroes
another very underrated but solid 2d fighter

eternal champions
see above^ though this was 1 of the more popular genesis games

primal rage
such a broken game but oh so much fun and a great concept for a fighting game as well

It’s a bootleg of Yoko Soft’s SF2.
Why people still think this is the original game ? lol…

That game is licensed by Capcom.
Read the copyright notices…
I said what this game actually is at SNK-Capcom…

“This game was released only in Brazil, it’s actually a beta Game Gear game by capcom ported to the SMS by Tec Toy.
That’s why it sucks so hard.”

This game was not made by SNK.

Did you even play it competitively ?

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure looks like an awesome fighting game…it’s also from Capcom

JoJo BA is an arcade game…

Yup…The arcade version came before the Console release

Err when did i say there were original games?

I never said anything about primal rage.

I love it when people just pick at stuff instead of contributing.

Also that link, just links to one of your posts on another forum, lol. You make it sound its the word of god.

I was replying to orochizoolander’s post.

I just didn’t want to re-post it.

Oh, and as a contribution, I say Weapon Lord for the SNES.

Kensei: Sacred Fist (Konami) - PS1

Every time I mention this game, no one responds as if no one’s heard of it…

Prove me wrong, people!

advanced vg 2 is pretty good a bit choppy but really enjoyable, advanced vg 1 on both psx and saturn are horrible

asuka 120% on the saturn was ok, the psx ones were decent especially the last one burning fest final,.

another interesting game is angel eyes on the psx also known as touki denshou, made by techmo, it was ok had a really stange system like bizzare airdashing, it also mixed normal 2d characters with i dont know the word i’m looking? rendered? pre rendered? basically they looked 3d in a 2d game sort of like a killer instinct character, well they looked stupid and moved even worse thankfully there was only , but apart from that it wasn’t to bad

another very good! but allmost unknown fighter which i have championed in various threads but nobody seems to care is goiken muyo 2 (i’ll correct the spelling later) released in 98 i think i was basically vf/tekken in one game, it rips off the two series shamelessly but pulls it off really well, you’ll see various characters ripped off like akira in a female form a female version of king a nerdy looking kage maru type character, the combos in this game are damn ridiculous and pretty hard, just watch the damn intro definently my fave 3d fighter on the psx (yes over tekken 3 and tobal 2) anybody interested in the obscure should have a look

yeah i remember kensei in didn’t mention it because i thought most fighting fans would have played it, good game, ruined by it’s horrible speed

Body Blows was by far the best beat 'em up on the Amiga… if that’s at all applicable when you have only 1 button :smiley: (some snobs had two buttons)

Streetfighter II and Elfmania in close second and third.

Another nominal fighting game for the Amiga was [media=youtube]K4jdNPsbdow&mode=related&search=Amiga%20game%20video%20walkthrough%20speedrun%20longplay%20Shadow%20Fighter[/media] which had some decent graphics but pretty poop gameplay.