Forgotten Guard Break?



I don’t know why, but it seems like people forgot this guard break: (After killing a character/snapback)
Jump fp xx fly, wait a sec, fly lk, fly lk, upwards Rocket Punch.

Now, people superjump with lk or hk, fly, and stomp while calling an assist. This doesn’t seem to accomplish anything except start a lockdown with Sentinel. Either people just forgot, or there’s a downside to that guardbreak that I’m missing.

After the Rocker Punch, you can fly forward and throw. From there, hit fly. lk + Commando, fly lk, upwards rocket punch, repeat. If they don’t tech the throw(s), then it’s a 100% combo. I don’t think you can throw Sentinel, because he falls too fast, but I could be wrong.


i was understanding that, pause, blah+assist, rp was still the main guardbreak people used…although i go for the unblockable alot. Always on magneto and assists…and sometimes for storm when folks try and float, i’ll try and cross them up with a HSF


You lose unfly mode by jumping. Most people go for the unblockable anyways except against cable/storm.


Thats exactly what i was going to say. Now adays, unfly mode is an important tactic when fighting with Sent. Plus, GB’s could be done with Sent while in Unfly mode. Here’s an example:

while in corner:

Fly, right as the opponent comes out, lk xx unfly, (Guard Break), falling Lk xx fast fly combo

Looks nice, and works.