Forgotten Worlds - Dial Switch

Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody knew where or how I can get a hold of the dial switch used in the Forgotten Worlds arcade?

Definitely is, I used to be able to beat it with 1 quarter as a kid in the early 90’s.

I have it on Mame and in the process of building several stick and controllers right now.

You’re saying it doesn’t exist? Man, that’s a bummer. :frowning:

I was trying to do a bit of research and I can’t come up with a definite answer. I started with this: and saw these:

… but I don’t think they’re what you describe as analog rotary with push button.

Hmm. Sure looks like that TurboTwist High-Low could be what you need, but having no experience with one I don’t know for sure. Wow, not cheap tho. I’d hit the BYOAC boards with this question, those guys are specialty controller maniacs.