Formal Resignation

The poster with screen name “Dander” aka “Dander420” aka “DanderLouiscipher” aka “Dander2Nasty” aka “DanderGodhand” ""aka “Dandruff” aka “HeadNShoulders” aka “FlakeyB-raoh” aka “Kobe” aka “Dandur” aka “RegencyGod” aka “DanderLockes” aka “DanderLokes” aka “Dander360” aka “Dander285” aka “DanderHatesYouAll” aka “DanderStillLovesYouThough” aka “ScrubsTsundere” aka “Dander333DandillionDandleDandollarDan”…

has given up on you. I will no longer be teaching you guys, or helping, or doing much of anything besides lurking and following in jest as that majority does. I’m not off the internet, though. Unless I die tonight. In which case, I’m going to be off the internet.


Itwas nice. No need to be so nice anymore.

Here is a sweet picture before I “go”:

It’s me and a couple of buds talking/eating. I like to sit there quietly, though. It’s usually better that way

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o


No aka DanderLouiscipher? Fuck you, you Afghani or possibly Russian fuck.


I guess I looked up your Hugo where you parried well and destroyed me, and did not post it fast enough…


& that hugo combo wasn’t so cool anymore because you hit me with it.


Ryu24 didn’t leave and neither will you.

or some kinda kuma, who hax.

dander was teddie kuma once. home run king.


RIP that stuntman in the beginning, it looks like the new google allowed youtube ads tripped him!

GO 4 BROKE meets “got broke”

R.I.P. The heart and soul of the 3s forums


You guys are thinking he actually died better or just more than NOBODY THOUGHT I ACTUALLY DIED after 12/21

what stage of grief am I on now, probably Kenya

beats n beats n beats

stay based

I retired years ago.

aka 420blazeitfaggot

Why is that bike trying to kill me? o_O
(wait don’t tell Dander he just calls me n00b)

You mean Parappa.


KB8 (“Crazy8” without the license anymore for the Laker colored #8)
Retro Insole


Barkley Godzilla teeth are kinda peeling apart from the suede near the toe too, damn it. Outsole still rock solid, but so much grip and support its a game shoe, court shoe only really. Then you have to pick out all the pebbles from the treads, wipe down the white patent leather all the time…

Like I can’t wear MJ or Kobe’s down there, at least in the winter. Gum soles only. Zoom Kobe 1 with the translucent sticky rubber was pretty sick. 81 point game one wasn’t?

Can’t do the new Kobe’s. Whatchu got your “dart frog” or 5 lizard now n later neon colored water sock mesh fish net thing.

Aww man…

Kobe x China ever been cool? This is all I’m seeing.









Thank you for the opportunity to use a Krusty quote.

this is now a Dander storytime thread (R.I.P.)

-Dander taught me how to dougie
-Dander was supposed to coach Duc when he played Sanford in 06, till Soo stepped in
-Dander made a 3S cab in art class in 2nd grade, only to take it apart. When the stunned teacher asked why, he replied “it wasn’t arcade perfect”, pointing out that when Hugo and Alex faced each other, they both had boners.
-It’s rumored that a wild Dander is worth 12 gold coins
-Head and Shoulders was named after Dander’s parents
-After Neo vs Clockw0rk, Dander played a quick ft5 against Neo and won 7-0.
-Dander’s face is hidden in the credits of 3s

this was his favorite painting.