Formation B into wall cling combo HELP!



I’m having a ton of trouble doing FORMATION B into B SHOT into WALL CLING into WALL ABC COMBO.

If I start with a Formation B, it’s easy to do because the hit stun deterioration isn’t bad by the time I get to wall cling, but when I start with something like cr.A into cr.B into cr.C into S into AIR B into DOUBLE JUMP into AIR C into AIR S into FORM B into B SHOT into WALL CLING It’s SUPER hard for me to connect the combo after that. Any advise? Does everyone have trouble with this, or is it just me?


try to do the combo with a neutral double jump instead of a forward one, if that doesn’t work maybe you can backdash before you do the formation B and then shot. The later the formation B OTGs them or the further away you are from them, the better. It’s easiest to do smack dab in the middle of the screen because the formation b will push them to the corner for your wall cling combo.


Thanks for the help, man! Through what you suggested, I figured out I was doing the AIR B into DOUBLE JUMP into AIR C into AIR S way too fast. Needs to have a pause between the double jump and the C. Thanks again!!


You can also just delay the S as long as possible, that def helps. That combo has a ton of difficult little things.

  1. You shouldn’t sweep then forward H and launch too fast they will be too high for a propper j.S delay.
  2. You must delay the j.S after the double jump right.
  3. Double qcb S is tough
  4. changing direction to qcf is tougher
  5. Pressing jab at the perfect frame while on the wall is tough b/c if you do it early no jab will come out, too late and they will flip.
  6. The first dragon punch on the way down from the kick is easy, the dashforward into the second can be tough.

The most I drop the combo is at 5.


You could always have a satellite present to not have to do double qcb S. The wall ABC shouldnt be done too fast or it will not come out.


Goddamnit. I can’t seem to get the L after the wall jump to land. So fucking frustrating.

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This is how I do the full extended midscreen combo, including the extra form.B into divekick knockdown. AFAIK it works on the majority of the cast, including small characters. I’ll break it up into sections…

Any hit confirm into:, fwd.H, slight delay and S: the delayed launch will help align your air string
2. sj.(UF) slight delay sj.M, immediate dj.(UF) HS: superjump upforward gets me the most consistent results on many characters, if you don’t delay the sj.M the double jump portion tends to whiff
3. (land) immediate qcb+S x2 immediate qcf+S (no gaps): just do this as fast as possible
4.slight delay LMH: this is the wall cling portion, too early nothing comes out, too late it doesn’t combo
5. (air) delayed dp+H: this is the wallbounce gram, if you want the extra ender you need to do it low to the ground to allow time to charge form. B (but too low, and the gram won’t come out)
6. (land) immediate qcb+S: just loading the form.B, you don’t actually see this since the screen tracks the opponent wallbounce, but you should have a satellite
7. dp+L: the knockdown gram off the wallbounce
8. immediate qcb+S: you need to release the fireball quickly to OTG
9. immediate rdp+H: divekick vajra combos off the explosion and causes HKD
10. (land) immediate qcf+2ATK: there’s a little recovery on the vajra so you need to do the hyper quickly or it will whiff

This combo nets you about 600k for one super, about 470k meterless and builds decent gauge. If you’re lazy you can do gram H into gram L for slightly less dmg and less meter build.


I need to learn formation b into wall cling for mission 10. That ladder kick after formation b is tough!

I tried doing hcb + s x2, hcf+s as fast as possible as someone suggested, but apparently you can’t do it too fast, you have to time it.

At any rate ill try these tips and see if I can get more consistent :slight_smile:



Formation B x2 is such a pain in the ass to execute. Try practicing it like 20x in a row without making a mistake. If you make a mistake do it again. Trust me, this method helped me A LOT in executing Formation B x2 consistently. If you want, try doing it with the Wall Cling move to make it more consistent, too. Just needs a little more muscle memory, that’s all.


Its not a particularly hard combo. Its all about understanding the spacing depending on what part of the screen your on. Being able to confirm the combo in sections is essential. Just understand you need adequate space when releasing the sat so you can do a proper link.the more space the easier it is to confirm.

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For the record you can literally mash qcb s qcb s to do a fast formation shot. Either that or my execution is better than I think it is. Go practice c.viper seismo into seiamo loops on a blocking dummy. That will get you fast.

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Do it as far away from the wall as you can. The later the orb otg’s, the bigger the window of opportunity to xx wall cling ABC. And as soon as you get that ABC into the Gram of your choice, you got a full combo. Personally, I prefer a meter-gain version (get enough meter for Ragnarok… dat shit cray :D);
Wall Cling
Land (do SRK motion just before landing so that you get M gram immediately when you land: its not so hard to get the timing
Gram M
IMMEDIATELY xx Legion (or the Legion will miss, it isn’t exactly the fastest hyper in the game)

Gains around 1.8 bars. Spends 1 bar. Do the math.


Or you could just build a whole bar ! AND SPEND IT

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