Formation B OTG w/ Launcher = Wiff in corner?



I am just trying to learn strider, and I realized that when I OTG with Formation B strider’s launcher always wiffs unless I am in X factor. Well in the corner it seems, but if I do it from one end of the screen and they land from a snap down near the middle of the screen I can OTG and the launcher will not miss.

Why is this? Also is there some better and easier methods of otging and continuing to combo?

I was looking at this combo and I was thinking about trying it.



c.LMHS>j.MMH>QCF.L>j.MHS>Legion, thats really the only bnb I kno of Strider besides the one in the video. After Legion tho, you can mixup your opponent if you QCF.S into the Wall Cling and hit H after to dive kick and cause a ground bounce if they recovered in the air.


Ill give it a shot. Thanks, Also with the satellite If I call it then start the combo. then uses it after a snap down It seems as if I am able to connect it with my launcher again ( my original post )


The problem in the original post is solved by using s.M s.H S to relaunch. Or you can dash back a bit fire orb if you have it summoned already.

This should be in the combo thread or ideally the Quick Question thread I forgot to make. :slight_smile:


Oh really? pulls out vita and gives it a go [The only real use of the Vita game lmao]

After a few tries I got it, its timing is SUPER tight… If I mash on the M then H I usually just get H and it hits but I cant launch from it. But I did get M H S to work after the otg.

So why does it miss? Is it just the hitbox (shape or size)? Or is it too slow?


Satellite is a fireball so depending on space it hits earlier or later but your recovery never changes. So if you are far away you get more time to put your launcher out, but since you are close you need the speed of the medium.


Oh, so that’s how you do it. I was under the impression that dashing back and firing Formation B was the only way to relaunch your opponent when they’re in the corner. Even more insane is the timing to OTG relaunch if you didn’t have Formation B charged beforehand. Good stuff, thanks.


Otg with no summon is easy. Just practice summon and shooting as fast as you can. Also just otg , stand s is your best option.

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Most of your problems probably stem from your air combo into s. If you don’t fall first it makes re launching semi difficult. This should be logic as you obviously have more frames to otg if you land before they do. At most relaunching is maybe a 3-4 frame link. You can make it 1-2 if you botch your air combo. I seriously can’t ever remember missing one of these after I figured out practical combo paths.

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So, what you are saying is a ground series into jM jM jH j236l jm jm jS and the OTG will connect? Ill give it a try that way too.

That relaunch with S.M then S.H can be done, but sometimes it just wiffs…