Former D-pad now TE stick player need help!

I been i pad player my whole life i only pad with a arcade stick every once in a while. i jus bought a TE and i feel like im not really in control. Is there any tips i could use to get better control?

practice practice and more practice. accept loses and just take it as you’re getting good with ur arcade stick. you have no choice but to and whatever u do do not go back to pad as you will erase all your muscle memory of the stick u acclimated. its not gonna happen in a day apparently its takes months and even years to get this shit down pat. practice is your best friend and training room is your bend over buddy :wink:

No easy way. Just use it more. Try doing the SF 4 challenges again with your main character.

It is like learning to use chopsticks or driving a manual transmission.

Take a variety of characters. Charge characters, shoto, random, whatever. Do all the different types of moves 100 times from each direction in training mode. quarter circles, half circles, charges back, charges down, dragon punches, ultras, supers, target combos, everything. Once you’ve done that, you’ll feel right at home.

That’s what I did anyways.

By the way, it sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t.

^^^^ these

just pratice, take your ass whippins and level up. Just do it.

BTW, I should add that I just started using a stick last Friday and it already feels pretty natural because of the practice. Just push through, it’s like starting a new workout.

Just play more. I bought a PS3 for BlazBlue and was playing it on d-pad until I got my stick. The adjustment took a couple of weeks (I started off not being able to dash left, haha). It’s definitely practice, but once you get used to it, you will be very happy since everything will be easier (this is all in my opinion of course).

I don’t wanna be the shower of rain in the bright day of answers but if you’ve been a pad player all your life its not always better to go to a stick. If you feel that you can do better on a stick, great, but if you’ve been on a pad as long as you say you were then maybe its also worth a shot to go more pro with the pad. I’m not trying to sway you away from the stick, but thats just how it is sometimes. Those are my two cents. But in the long run, I hope you can succeed with either very well.

Good luck.

Thanx alot everybody

There was a local Tournament on Thursday.
A guy playing Chun-Li got First Place playing on Mad Catz SFIV FightPad.

there are tons more. short version. keep playing till you get it right if you like it.