Former NFL cheerleader arrested after trying to give head to a 12 year old boy in the bathroom. Sigh

she claims she was drunk and couldnt tell the difference between the 12 year old and the man she thought it was. what will she get? a slap on the wrist. was it intentional, yes. ive been fucked up drunk, and or a mixture of high and drunk more times then i can count in my life, and ive never mistaken a grown woman for a 12 year old. we’re not talking 17 vs a 21 year old, but a fucking 12 year old.

but i wonder some outlandish shit. i wonder if someone teased her to follow their son into the bathroom and mess with him, and she in her drunk whore state took it too far. i would guess no since the cops were called on her, but ive been in plenty of situations unrelated to this where people are like its cool, we will handle this, and there is always some captain law motherfucker who calls the cops anyways.

man, bitches aint shit but ho’s and tricks. tell em snoop

“A former NFL cheerleader is accused of following a 12-year-old boy into a bathroom, fondling his penis and offering to perform oral sex on him but she claims she’s innocent because she ‘thought he was a man.’ The married 42-year-old, who cheered three seasons for the Tennessee Titans until 2008, was at a party when she tried to seduce the boy, who is understood to be the son of the host”

I can’t think of anything worse than getting a blowjob from a cheerleader.
I can only imagine the horror the boy must of felt by having a beautiful woman fondle his junk.


just to entertain myself

Covington, Ky ( – The day former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones went on the radio to talk about being charged with having a sexual relationship one of her students at Dixie Heights High School, her attorney filed a motion to have the charges dropped.
july 2012

oct 2012

Sarah Jones, Ex-Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader, Pleads Guilty To Sex With Minor

  • The host of the parties son? I guess he must have REALLY looked like his father.

Jokes aside there is a whole crop of these stories cropping up in the last few years. I’d be interested in reading a case study in what is common link with all these women springing for young teen boys. *

lol she is a woman, she will get dick all

a dude in the same case would be in prison for the next 40 years or so.

12 year old gets a BJ offer from an NFL cheerleader, and chooses to run to his mother and cry? Wow, high school is gonna be tough for this gay gay bastard.

I’m sure this case is already being handled by the Feminists United Conspiracy Klan (FUCK). Their legions of white knights and massive financial resources will make sure the law never convicts a woman.

DEEP fuckin South.

I’m sorry, but what 12 year old boy in this or any other universe would TURN DOWN a former cheerleader giving him head? Kid is so gay, he probably shits rainbows.
All these broads out here giving out male fantasies, and this generation of sissified wimps are tattle-telling and crying about getting free pussy… SMDH

Only thing I could see that would cut him some slack is that ol’ girl was 42, so maybe she’s hitting the wall pretty hard.

Why did they arrest HER?

She was clearly raped.

Turning down blowjobs from sexy women? Where they do that at?

Seriously people baggin on this kid. Not all 12 year olds are just horndogs and seriously she might have looked good in her nfl cheerleader pic but did yall see how bad she looked in that mugshot. Drunk bitches are already a turnoff so there is no tellin how fucked up she looked when she was tryin to stroke his tip.

This thread is full of the kind of sexist comments I would never have expected from some GDers I actually like. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. This kid was 12 years old and a woman old enough to be his mom was sexually assaulting him, and you call him gay?

Do you remember how unattractive old ladies were when you were a kid? This kid probably feels way more ashamed that some old bitch tried to grab his pre-pubescent junk.

Reverse the genders and shit would be out of control all over the news, dude would be a registered sex offender and probably have to move and change his whole fucking identity. “I thought he was a man”? Seriously, bitch? The stupid kid touching whore should be kicked in the throat

Jesus christ
He’s only 12, fucking lax.

Stop trying to shift the blame to the victim you male oppressor!!!

Jokes aside most 12 year old’s would turn her down. What she did was fucked up and she deserves to go to prison.

What she did was stupid… What he did was stupid…

Both are stupid.


I wish I had a time machine so I could introduce “stairs era-SRK” to this new fangled “cheerleader giving out blowjobs to jr high kid is SCUM-SRK”.

Dichotomy: noun:
(1) when something you recognize as horrible child abuse is also something you wish happened to you when you were twelve