Former NFL cheerleader arrested after trying to give head to a 12 year old boy in the bathroom. Sigh

kid was probably afraid of getting herpes at age 12, give him a break

you must have been a sad lonely boy at 12

When I was 12 I was getting laid. And rest assured, I didn’t run crying to mommy about it, I kept it quiet and GOT MORE FUCKING PUSSY.

I am still curious why she was at the party

everybody looks bad in a fucking mugshot you moron. Like you’re trying to look your best, or are sober, when that shit is taken.

What did you want, duckface?



that explains your success sovi3t

If she gets let off the hook, you know some pedo is gonna try this shit on a little girl and pull up this case in his defense. “I thought she was a woman! Just a misunderstanding don’t send me jail plz!”

Also speaking of arrests what the hell is with these ads on SRK for arrest record searches? Some of these fucks would get censored on an episode of metalocalypse. Whole face blurred out.

legal age of consent in Canada was 13 when I started my Sexual Deviancy, with a two year allowance (so you could be 13 and bang an 11 year old technically)

14 year old girls were so free :*(

edit: wow that smiley didn’t work out, but I am sticking with it

The point is how beat she looks without makeup. I can only imagine her old ass drunk.

Just because you would bang anything that moves doesn’t mean this kid is as sick as you.

Maybe he’s being smart and taking her to court just for a settlement/money.

HE IS TWELVE!!! You seriously underestimate far too much. Bragging rights, experience, etc…


spend all of high school telling people yeah, you turned down an NFL cheerleader blowjob so you could go running to mommy crying. He is going to go for job interviews in like 40 years and people will fucking laugh at him.

haha, what a little chump… ran away to mommy like “I’MMA TELLLLL IT!” Terrible, man… what, were you other guys still in the “girls = icky!” phase at 12?! Talk about a late-blooming of lust and general debauchery… Sheeeit, I had already been a perverted, desperate freak for a LONG time by that point. It also might just be me, but I don’t recall ever having a “girls are gross” phase in the first place.

On the other hand, most guys would probably still manage to fuck up a good thing by bragging about it to their friends…then they’d tell others…and eventually someone (probably a jealous one) tells an adult and the whole thing is ruined from there. The smart thing to do obviously is to keep the secret so you can continually get laid from this “abuser”…then tell the story to your friends a few years later (with the video proof, of course since they won’t believe it at first).

*memories— Ms. Walters from 7th grade Life Science… goddamn I wish she would’ve “abused” the hell out of me… without question that was the hottest teacher I ever knew. Before that… one of my mom’s friends; Deborah…perfect body, great face… I had daydreams/fantasies about that one for quite awhile… I saw her again a few years ago, and this apparently immortal woman was STILL hot to me.

Queerville, Tennessee.

Wait. Did he tell on her, before or after she did stuff?

I understand if the 12 year old was a bit uncomfortable at the situation and thats fine but he should’ve just kept his mouth shut.

I got a blowjob from random(hot) female substitute teacher when I was like 12 or something…dont see me complaining :bz


He gonna regret this when he’s older.

He gonna be in the bathroom like “damn, i shoulda let her give me head, real talk”

I heard about this before it hit the news. I thought the story would read “boy rapes cheerleader, to be tried as adult.”

mad because you were fat-steveurkel :-B

I’m pretty sure when RockB was 12 he had all 100s and he didn’t do a single homework. All the professors knew they would get missile drop kicked if they missed a point so they did his homework for him.

The girls probably threw themselves down the stairs because it was better than being dropped kick.

On a side note, Michael Jai White is godlike in movies but gets bodied in actual tournaments.

Maybe he really wanted it to be a sexy dude instead.

But of course if that were the case then it would be sick and the guy would deserve to get buttraped in prison until he dies because that is justice for the victim child.


I don’t remember shit from my days of being 12.

She was 42 and the boy was ready to piss.

but milfs know how to work that dicc :bz