Former NFL cheerleader arrested after trying to give head to a 12 year old boy in the bathroom. Sigh

Snaaake and soviet out here frontin. Niggas know they were too busy watching Saturday morning cartoons and playing sf than getting “laid”

you can play sf and still get blown by random female substitute teacher

just saying >:D<

I was a jock when I was younger. Played hockey since around the time I could walk, and went to provincials for track and field all the time. Was pretty easy getting pussy, usually from rink rats. My incredibly laziness, drunkness, smoking, and gaming addiction didn’t kick in until around my 20’s, oddly enough.

Po pimpus and everyone else berating the kid just exposed how bitchmade they really are. If any of you sad fucks ever manage to somehow convince a woman to touch your dicks and father children, none of you have the right to complain if they’re ever sexually assaulted.

Apparently these bitchmade “men” in this thread are cool with a 12 year old girl getting eaten out by Chris Hansen’s next target, no wonder you faggots jerkoff to Ponies.

I was having wet dreams at the age of 6.

Just putting that out there.

I hope you all get raped

[details=Spoiler]BY MEN

To my understanding most of you are probably single and completely lost your sanity.

If it was a 12 year old girl you fucking white knights would have cried rape. Either fucking kids is ok or it is not. Period. Disgusting sexism in this thread. I hope she gets punished to the max, but since it’s a woman and women never get punished the same as guys who commit identical crimes, she will go on to molest more little boys

Favoriting this thread so I can remember to troll you all when the genders swap

“What is she a lesbian? Just take the D. Bitch made 12 yo girls”

HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. According to this thread and past situations like this, the “winning” mentality is making sure you keep getting sexual pleasure. so heavily for these crimes.

Morale of the story= Sexual pleasure reigns above all else. Fuck right and wrong and morals and all that shit.

Yep, as expected in this thread. They’re quick to complain when it’s an older man who gets locked up with a severe punishment yet they approve of the older woman fantasy. “Our rights as men are being spat upon! This is unfair!” Shit is pathetic. Men themselves pulling double standards because of pussy. Fucking stay free.

LOL, at you nigga’s fronting. We all fucking know that at age 12 you would shit your pants.

We also all know that you act like this because it most likely happened to you and you guys bitched.

Stay free SRK

Then he was like I don’t have any money I’m 12. He told his mom maybe as a 12 yr old might do because dad’s not home yet. Now he’s going to have money for tacos the rest of his life. Or the rest of the time in his life that he wants tacos. Maybe one day he won’t want anymore tacos. And will reconsile with that lady who has kids who would want some tacos themselves.

12 yr olds are gay.

every ragequit douchebag screaming obscenities at you online.

& that they did your mom lol. LIL NIGGA YOU AINT DONE SHIT GO OUTSIDE

But Dander scared them kids screaming: THATS IT IM PUTTING PIKACHU ON (Pikachu Akuma, JR RODRIGUEZ, the kids cinnamon toast crunch or other favorite)

did not “bitch” at all… :bz

I’ve thought the samething- but perhaps this has always happend just never reported. With social media and how fast news travels these may be the reason so many are popping up. Guys bragging about layin pipe in their teachers is how I’ve heard a few of teachers got busted.

I’d be scared of blondes forever if this happened to me at that age.

Idk about you guys but I fap way way waaaaaaay less than I did when I was 12.
At age 12 my early pubescent sex drive would have definitely taken over and allowed me to receive a bj from a 42 year old former cheerleader that still kinda looks pretty good. I can definitely see some 12 year olds freaking the fuck out about it though.

thats what I am saying. I dont know about average 12 years olds but I was fapping like 3-4 times a day loool :bz

I was just starting to have erections at that age.


From prolonged laughter. -_-

Hm… nah. There are a lot of situations where this argument desperately needs to be applied, but in this case, it doesn’t work. This is someone who’s almost old enough for a routine colonoscopy attempting to initiate a sexual encounter with someone young enough to be carded for a ticket to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s pretty obvious how the distribution of stupidity shakes out.

If anything, his reaction shows some surprising foresight. Like, “I just learned ‘Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally’ yesterday. Not that I can put my finger on it, but there’s something not quite right about being offered a beej from someone on the verge of an AARP membership.”

At least he got out of the prego-trap. I doubt any 12-year old would be thrilled to have their allowance garnished for child support.