Former Nurse convicted of advising suicide online


Former nurse convicted of advising suicide online - Health - Mental health -

LoL Dinkel.


Funny enough, I was thinking of Minnesota before going into this thread.

Also lol @ Dinkel


Man people are always telling others to kill themselves online. What makes this any different?


uninstall and kill yourself


He’s a MALE NURSE, of course he wants everyone to kill themselves.



Dinkel is a funny ass last name! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmn~ I wonder if this means trolls gotta fall back officially.


Typical, corporate America reigning in homeopathic medicine again.
It is so hard to get good advice on the internet nowadays.
They have no idea how many people they are going to hurt and embarrass by denying them the professional help to kill themselves properly. How do you think little Timmy is going to feel when he wakes up in a pool of his own vomit because he had no idea how to overdose? Like a damn fool.