Former Power Ranger killed roommate with sword


Wonder if he shouted “Wild Access!” when he came through the door…


Where was Rita when all this went down?


Maybe he was on something and thought he was a putty.


Haha. He was a weak Red Ranger anyway.


welp count him out of a reunion episode, I wonder did he transform before he did it?

I guess when he saw blood he realized it wasn’t a putty or a crow, or whatever the hell the jobber enemies were


Red Power Ranger

Green Valley


…gotta be a joke there, somewhere.


GO GO (to prison) POWER RANGER!!!




Aye yai yai.



May the power protect his anus…


The guy he stab is still alive


I wonder if he kihaped before he did the final slice? Is this how it went down?


The article says he later died in the hospital. He came BACK?! Aw, fuck…it HAS begun.


At first I thought this was that other story which is quite old now… but this is indeed something new… the other one turned out to not even be a Ranger or any main character anyway.

…yeah, this guy was one of the worst Red Rangers.

This is reminding me… I wonder what Jessica Rey is up to these days… that one was one the cutest/hottest girls in Power Ranger history. ----there we go:

heh, just talking about this stuff brings back the memories… I remember making sure to record that episode from the Morphin’ era where Kimberly’s old friend showed up and they did some gymnastics at the end… with those tight ass gymnast outfits on… I watched that scene over and over again in slow-motion soooo many times…

then there was the 2nd pink ranger, Catherine Sutherland (briefly seen topless in that old J-Lo movie The Cell)… smokin’ hot Traci Lynn Cruz from the In Space season (also had an upskirt shot in one episode)… Cerina Vincent… “Tori” from Ninja Storm, “Kat” from S.P.D. season, the list goes on and on. This show has provided so much delicious eye-candy over the years…


I take it the black one from Turbo is #1 then. Has to be.


Not an OG don’t care zzzz


Awww gutted thought it was tommy from S1, that dude defo looks like he would fuck people up in RL. This red ranger tho? Looks like some fuccboi, he defo getting raped in prison everyday of his 20 year sentence.


Totally not surprised. We all knew he was insane. Didn’t he go into stripping after Wild Force?


@Million is right. Power Rangers has given us some pretty beautiful women over the years. The pink and yellow rangers and the bad girl who turned good in the end from In Space, for sure. The blue from Ninja Storm wasn’t bad, either. Kat from S.P.D. was gorgeous, too. Don’t remember too much, but those were the stand-outs to me. In Space had the goats, imo.


Did sparks fly out of his roommate after stabbing him?