Former Top Players - Where are they now?

Going back to the pre-SF4 era, I am curious where some of the Top players are now. We know that 3S god Kuroda has stayed true to 3S, though he has been shown to play some SF4 lately. Mov has become heavily involved in SF4, and even CVS2 champion BAS has gotten into SF4 lately. Nuki tried SF4, played it competitively, then went back to 3S.

Does anyone know what happened to:

  1. Komoda (ST-Blanka) - If you don’t know who this is, look up “sudden red bite”. He had the most amazing reads. His shenanigans would have you so frazzled that you would be frozen while he would do a full screen walk into throw/bite. 5 seconds later, he would do it to you again.

  2. Muteki (ST-Guile) - Best Guile I’ve ever seen. Win or lose, he would always flash you the patented Muteki smile.

  3. ShootingD (ST-Ryu) - This guy had the best Ryu imo, better than Daigo’s. He played a balanced character and was amazingly skilled in all aspects of the game, so it suited him well. His shoto play can be likened to Momochi or Fuudo.

  4. The Wolfe Brothers (Alex and Graham) - I remember reading a SRK front page interview where one of the brothers said they were going to pick up Dictator since they wanted a character that could easily combo into ultra (that never made sense to me since Dictator basically has one way to combo into ultra). I never really saw them after that.

  5. RX (3S-Urien) - Mix-up monster. I could picture RX using Seth (who looks a lot like Urien) and having a very Poongoko esque mix-up game.

I know RX still plays - not sure if he tried out SF4 and didn’t like it. Does anyone know about the rest? Do they still game at all?

Also, does anyone remember the random guy that won the big SSF2THDR pre-release tourney in SF (I believe) where he won some big prize. I remember he used Guile and won the tourney filled with a lot of crappy players, but also had John Choi and at least one of the Wolfe bros.

Regarding RX, he played in a tournament last december and came here to Brazil in 2010, after SFIV launched. In a interview they did with him here, he said he didn’t get into SFIV because he doesn’t have (or doesn’t want to) spend time to get good at the game, because he has work and all, so he prefers to stay in 3rd where he’s a god.

I believe ShootingD also still plays ST. I haven’t followed the scene for a long time, but last I checked he was still among the Ryus with best win %.

Can’t speak for the rest.

I would hate it if RX picked up Seth. Completely diff characters!

RX just played in Coop Cup last weekend.

Also iirc Muteki still plays ST. He entered last SBO.

They are still top players in their respective games! :tup:

SRK never forgets.
> Gamespot HD remix tournament questions
> Paul Heath @ Evo?!
SRK never, ever forgets.

Everyone except the wolfe brothers still play. I guess they just aren’t in the spotlight as much cuz they don’t play SF4 or MVC3.

Graham was playing a good amount of Dictator during Vanilla and was doing some HDR during that time period (4th HDR in 2009). Last time I heard from him was when…I think Super or AE hit the local arcades. Can’t remember which. Haven’t heard from/of him since. IRL likely happened, as it does with all of us at this age.

Komoda’s got some videos from 2k8 posted up on JPJ’s Youtube account.
RX still competes, look up Shend’s stuff on him, and he’s around.
ShootingD, I heard he still plays, but not competes. I agree he’s got the best Ryu ever.
Muteki still competes.

I think ShootingD got to Grand Finals in SBO last year ('11). He lost to a Fei Long IIRC. ST was hype, Fei and DeJay actually won :rock:

He’s still very active in the Japanese ST community, they all are, it’s just that they don’t get much exposure since they can’t record their matches in their arcades

So why is the only time Daigo playing against shooting, SD decides to use Guile?

i’m still here. where i’ve always been.

I might be a Star Cup style match, where players have to use different characters. If Daigo could not get past D’s Guile, he would not face his Ryu. Or it may be just casuals. There are not many videos from Osaka, for some reason. We hardly know from them unless they travel. If it wasn’t for Nohoho, we would hear even less.

As Hiryu stated, D is the current SBO champion, together with Okafei and Seki. But 2 years ago Otochun implied he wasn’t playing much: link. Anyway, IMHO, Okafei was the hero.

Edit: Muteki would retire, at some point, but started playing again. There are many videos with him from the Kanto ST screw.

Nah, he beat his Guile.


Are you talking about tournaments or leaderboards?

If it was up to me I’d be working for long hours and taking many morning classes around the clock. Most people I meet online are just boosters.

Umm no, we’re talking about real top players. Thanks.

He only took the first round. D won this match by taking the next two. Not that a single match tells much, anyway.

Eyo, wow… I found another video then. I didn’t watch that one, but the match that I saw originally, Daigo took both rounds. Cool.

I think I played someone in ST last year on GGPO named ShootingD. I won one round, the rest were all perfects.

Same guy?

I’m still wondering if Messatsu plays, he had an absolute beast Urien.

Good to hear Muteki still plays, he’s my Guile inspiration in ST and overall such a fun guy with that never ending smiling.

No. There are Daigo, ShootingD and Futachan impersonators, among others. If you are interested in a famous player, Sako (ST T.Hawk, VS Buletta) plays in GGPO under the nick neoray. Even his sub-characters, such as Fei Long, are sick.

Didn’t know Sako played VSav. O_O