[FORSALE] Custom Arcade Joystick(s)

As of April 06, 2007, I am closed for business. Of course if you have already sent your order form or have paid, then I will still make your sticks. With the migration problem of my website and other things, I realize I don’t have the time and energy to make sticks anymore.

putting the info from the custom arcade stick thread to good use i see :smiley: very nice sticks i must say. u make those overlays urself?


Hey, I recognize one of those sticks. Good shit. I’m thinking about buying two more sticks from you. I don’t like buying things over the internet but since you live in D/FW then I know who I’m dealing with. Check your pms.

Can you post the dimensions of the tall setup?

sides: 25"/26 1/2" x 15
face: 20" x 15"

the rest is up to you pretty much

Pretty Damn dope bro:eek:

Im aiming on a head to head cabinet with a simular set up to yours but with 2 monitors.

Great work man

What kind of controller are you using as the “guts” of these sticks?

I only use 1st party brand controllers, except for dreamcast, but DC pads are hard to come by these days.

Hey DF I sent you a PM on about a controller purchase

Yo, i had my MAS stick completely rewired by Dreaded Fist.

He ripped off hte old board, soldered the new psx board and arranged the buttons as i asked. He finished the stick within a couple of hours and shipped it back the next day! Very impressive service and good quality. For those of you that need a stick…this is the guy to go with.


Sent the MO out a few days ago, hope it gets there soon. And nice ass job on the artwork, its freaking awesome!

co0l shit man. what kinda springs do the sticks have? i prefer hard springs for a tighter feel. btw love the art work. that in itslef makes me wanna buy one.

i live in the dallas area, u think its possible for you to make me one?

rattrat yes, just send me a pm with the details. Heres the artwork that eckostyle was talking about.

hey u have AIM sn i can contact u with?

yes, bboystep

as far teh springs, the comp sticks uses medium spring while the p360 uses hard spring.

Looks great

The artwork looks great DF, can’t wait to get the joystick =)

updated site with new pics, peep it!

dreaded fist will fight for you!