[FORSALE] Custom Arcade Joystick(s)



Hey D.fist , order form sent -
e-mail or p.m. me THANKS

The money order should be there by friday, do you know how long it will be before you get the parts?

trust in df…

he will HOOK YOU UP in no time flat :cool:

Man thats it when i get payed im definitely getting a stick from you.

You should ,He has great prices… best i know of ,

Is there any psx to x-box converters?:confused:

yo df, just got the stick today, it’s beautiful! :smiley:

if anyone else is thinking about getting a stick from this man, GO FOR IT. pimpass quality and quickass work. this is the man for sticks!

i tried :frowning: but he wount ship internationally (I’m UK)
ahh well, maybe in a few months time.

hey snowman, get back to me after a week and I’ll make the stick.
Shipping to the UK will be $60 via airmail parcel.

Undead: I just got your MO today. I’ll try to get the stick out by next friday. The parts are coming in wednesday.

PM sent

DF: If you can hop on AIM, please do and contact me :slight_smile: (AIM: Icege)

Fist, I’m just waiting for the confirmation on my e-file, and then I plan on getting my stick from you. I should know here in the next day or two when I’ll be getting my money. I’m also having the artwork done, and when the file is complete, I’ll have it sent to you. What’s your turnaround time on something like this?

Ronin i’ll probably get the stick out to you in a week after I receiver your money. I got a few boxes already made so I just need to solder and wait for the parts to arrive.

wait…i dont understand…i checked ur website and i didnt c any information about ur sticks on the site…all i saw was a bunch of past sticks (looks great by the way)…and im just wondering…what can and cant u do?..what are the limits to ur customization?..im really really interseted in buying a stick and it looks like ur highy recommended…and it seems like u dont do xbox adaptors…darn…i was really hoping for a xbox to ps2 to dc to cpu adaports…or at less a xbox to ps2…but i guess its out of the quesiton…i guess im just looking for more information…but i understand ur a busy man…

gonna b late for class…dman it

I can only make playstation sticks and maybe dreamcast, but dc pads are hard to find at local stores near me. You can get a converter for playstation to almost any system, even SNES.

Got the stick today and it is the best handmade joystick i have ever seen . p360 works pefectly, much better than i expected …
Going to buy another soon .

MADprops to D.F.

Dreaded fist sticks are awesome. You would not believe how good it looks and feels. Highly recommended. Great communication too. Help me decide and built a excellent stick.

Go with DF.

true that…it was a hit at my college. everyone loved it. one guy so much that he’s ordering one from df right now.

his sticks crush mas sticks. period. i should have just gotten a second custom from him instead, now i’m regretting it.

yo man I sent you a e-mail.