[FORSALE] Custom Arcade Joystick(s)


I wired up my other stick last night, and my friend and I enjoyed hours of XSF goodness at home:evil:

Now to buy a 360 to ditch the Competition stick that is in it.


Did you get a PSX based PCB or a PSX Dual Shock PCB? I’m kinda wondering cause I’m thinking about getting my PSX PCB replaced with a Dual Shock.


he got a dualshock gut.


Is there any advantages to going with a Dual Shock PCB as opposed to the PSX PCB?


Yeah, the dualshock is compatible with all adapters.


check your pm’s Dreaded Fist:p

Problem with stick inputs & combos
Problem with stick inputs & combos
Problem with stick inputs & combos
Problem with stick inputs & combos
Problem with stick inputs & combos
Problem with stick inputs & combos

thanx for all the help dreaded fist…im sure the stick will be awesome:p


i got the dragon adapter today and that has button lag. you can’t do fireballs at all. ive played it on a ps2 and it works fine. well i just wasted $50 on adapters that don’t work.


I just got the stick today. Before I go to class:

Thank you dreaded fist, this stick owns so much. Better than the sticks they have here in UC Davis, so responsive and the build quality is top notch.

Do not hesitate to buy from dreaded fist!


have you tried the dreambox converter yeat? gocybershop.ca has it for $18 with free shipping.

I’m sorry to hear that none of the converters work(w/o lag).

btw if you got the converters from levelsix you can still return them.


oops i meant dreambox not dragon. and level six doesn’t give refunds.


the dreambox lag?

well I’ll be. how big of a lag is it. Is it on or offline?

I saw your other thread about wanting to sell the stick and surely theres something else you can try.


the lag is offline. its a little bit of a delay. but when i do quarter circle forward motions it wont do the fireball on that converter. and now im stuck with two converters i won’t use.


Yo Fist, it’s the time again when I need another stick. Can you hook me up with a P360 which 8 competition buttons? I need it for PSX so can you wire a Dual Shock in? I’ll also give you the art for it. Thanks, I’ll give you more info when I get it since I already have the money


The dreambox converter works 100% fine :lol:


Hey are you open for orders right now? I’d like to get one.

I’m looking at…

p360 stick.
Black Buttons. (Start/Select Concave the rest Convex)
Custom Artwork /w no name on it. I really dig this one. I found it in SNAAKE’s thread. http://www.imagehostplus.com/v2/usr/414/niceness.jpg

So how much would this cost me? By the way I need it to be compatible for Xbox.


since that’s Snake’s art, I’m not sure if I can use it.

Drop me an email at dreadedfist@comcast.net

Is there a better term than "eSports"?

Hey Dreaded Fist I was wondering if you can make me a stick. My pelican blew to chunks. Anyways do we contact you via email.


yes please do.



OMG. Jiggly getting a stick… I smell Jiggly OWNAGE comming soon!