[FORSALE] Custom Arcade Joystick(s)


Hey DF, just sent you an email with some questions. i’m interesting in getting one of these famous sticks…



Just to get some extra input I’ll ask here, who else has tried the different x-box converters for DF’s sticks? I just got a dreambox and it has horrible horrible lag, so that was a bust. What should be my next try, any of you who use one of DF’s masterful pieces of work?

Any help is much appriciated.

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I have already bought a stick from DF before. What can I say, Im going purchase another one.

As for converters, I have a dreambox and works fine on my xbox with no lag. I have tried the magicbox but it sucks, it only works when it wants to.


when i bought my stick from df i also ordered an adaptor for my xbox from him to go with it and he gave me an xjoybox which works great.


Klaige, I think the dreambox didn’t work for you because your stick is a digital gut. At the time when I recommended it, I have had success with them and digital pads. But it looks like they were manufactured different after that or something and provide the lag with digital pads. I’ll talk to a friend and see if he can get me a converter from fry’s that’ll work with the digital pad however.

Also I just found out something odd about the joyboxes. They seem to only work with dualshock sticks with a switch stick, thats what you have akuma001.


Just another reason why DF is a great guy to deal with, going out of his way to find a converter for me. While he does that though I’ve been reading that magic boxes work well with digital sticks. I’ve even read of people putting their dreamcast converters on digital sticks and then putting the converter into the magic box for some solid results. Can anyone confirm or deny how well the magicbox works?

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Street Fighter 2 World Map!
Street Fighter 2 World Map!

Just got the stick, and it came EXACTLY like I wanted. Another beautiful masterpiece from DF. Thanks so much.


i want to make a stick but the only thing i dont kno is where to solder the wires…how do u kno where to solder them…where could i see a pic of them? Also, would the stick mess up if i had two cords (ps2 and dc) so i dont have to have a converter?


each button has a ground, and a signal side. Solder the signal wire to the signal side, and ground to ground. You can daisy chain the ground. Look in the official stick thread for more info man. This really isn’t the right thread to be asking.


Check your e-mail snake.


Just got my stick DF and its great!! Turned out perfect. Its been said many times, but I’ll say it again: BUY A STICK FROM DREADED FIST!


everyone, my comcast mail server has decided to…not work. So I’m having trouble replying to emails. Give me awhile to sort this out.

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Anyone have a tier list for SSF2?

do your sticks work on pc also?


with the right converter, yes


Hey DF, check you PM.


Yeah I got a stick from him with Dual Shock PCB and it works beautifully

I’m using radioshack converter


Hey guys, I just got my joystick from DF and it works perfectly and the quality of his work is absolutely top-notch. If you buy a stick, buy it from this guy.


Got my stick today!! GREAT WORK !!!

Heres a pic I took right when I took it out of the box…

Highly Recomended… shit is awesome!! obviously, as all new sticks I think it needs some breaking in though cuz some motions seem a bit hard, but I’m pretty sure thats normal.

Thanks DF.


That is fuckin hot!!!
Expect a pic from me soon of the 2 sticks I am ordering from this wonderful man.


I been around here for awhile just lurking and just recently registered so I can post. I am interested in a joystick from you DF. I’ve seen stuff from byrdo, snaake, and arm? But I was recommended by a guy I know that you make stick.

Just wanted to know if you still made sticks and how long it takes to make a stick. I am a serious buyer so if you still make them let me know thanks. BTW you work is excellent from what I’ve seen from members here. :tup: