[FORSALE] Custom Arcade Joystick(s)

I been around here for awhile just lurking and just recently registered so I can post. I am interested in a joystick from you DF. I’ve seen stuff from byrdo, snaake, and arm? But I was recommended by a guy I know that you make stick.

Just wanted to know if you still made sticks and how long it takes to make a stick. I am a serious buyer so if you still make them let me know thanks. BTW you work is excellent from what I’ve seen from members here. :tup:



I still make it, Grey. But I’m a bit backed up on current orders, so I won’t be able to take orders until the 20th. If you want to get in on it now, send me an email to dreadedfist@comcast.net

I bought a stick off Dreaded Fist. He was very helpful and quick and responsive. I received the stick in less than two weeks from time of order, even after all my decision changing about the art.

It’s wonderful and has already improved my game.

I’ll post pictures once I get my digital camera back. It’s outta the house.

Edit: … bam! Ain’t nothin’ better!

Picture finally attached.

Whoa, I’ve just been informed that
"its suppose to be dr.peppa aint nuttin nuttin nutin betta betta betta" !

I just recive my stick and is awsome.
This is the second one I bought from him.
The only thing I can say is that DF’s arcade sticks are the best.
You wont be dissapointed, it will surpass expectation.

Bump for the bidness man :clap:


That way, people can actually see your graphic layouts are WAYYYYY BETTER than SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEE’S! :badboy:

Peace, yo.

damn df stop beasting . i no i own u 15 bucks lol

hey man. i know i asked you for help and what not… but through tutorials + the advice you gave, i fixed the problem myself. thanks a lot. much preciated

Hey Dread. Can I get a status check on my stick? Not trying to rush or anything, just wondering how it’s coming along. Thanks man.

Brad, it’ll ship monday.

Dfist are you still making that small model stick. I need a stick with American layout, I’m getting murdered at the arcade being used to the japanese style. I’ll get back at ya in the coming weeks

DF, do you make any original artwork or just take from pictures that are already made? I 'm trying to get a better pad but that it has just plain female fighters.

Gotta question. DF or anyone who has purchased a stick from him please help.

Do the tops of the Hard spring comp sticks you use unscrew? I found a place that has ball style stick tops, and I’m about to purchase them if the answer to that question is yes.

Big thanks in advance for any assistance.

He usually manipulates existing artwork, via Photoshop. And he does a damn good job of it, too!

As for his artwork, Phong, you my boi, but you’re not ready to stick your artwork on someone else’s joystick yet! :xeye:

Jiorn, the shalft of the stick is all once piece, and they stay in place via an E-clip. If its just a ball, you won’t be able to screw it in, but if it has a shaft that’s the right size, with grooves for the Eclip then y ou can install them in.

Jiggly: The only things I’m making now are the standard model, that some kind you have.

No response Df? So much for asking.

KINGDOM answered your question correctly. So DF didn’t need to respond.

Oh okay then. Must of overlooked it. So is it possible you can make one of just artwork of the female fighters based on existing artwork DF? I’d really like to get one that is made with that design. At lest some sort of sketch of what it will look like. Oh and thanks for answering and pointing out the answers KINGDOM and Jiorn.

I don’t think I have any art with female fighters, but I’ll make you a deal, check your pm. sorry for not answering earlier, but Kingdom is my right hand man.