[FORSALE] Custom Arcade Joystick(s)


What kind of adapter do you recommend?
and wassabbi I would love to post a pic but I don’t have a camera :sad:


any except the innovation really.

Theres one on ebay that has a side memory card slot, i forgot the name of it though.


Ok then I’m gonna go and get the total control plus adapter. I think thats the one you were talking about. Oh, did you happen to take a pic of my stick before you sent it out? Just asking for wassabbi.


Nah I didn’t take one. I’ll take pics if people ask in the future. But they really have the same boxes,just different layout/button colors/artwork and that should be easy to imagine.


we want pictures anyway so we can oo and awe


I just remembered that my friend has a digital camera that I might be able to use…hopefully.

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Mine too? and i would like a pic of mine :tup:


wassabbi, which one are you?

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Domination 101: Divekick Edition - The S-Kill Thread

Hey DF, Im about ready to order a stick from you, but your thumbnail page is down. Anywhere else i can look for graphics for a new stick?


Whoa you can do pics? Can I see mine please? Mine was the six button Happ controller with the white buttons and the red art. thanks


On the order form he sends out theres a link to some of the artwork he/others have done. Thats where I picked mine from.


guys, please tell me your names. Some of these forms have no srk handle on them. I have no idea who everyone is.

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Oh, Sorry. I’m Chugi T.


Ok. That wasn’t directly toward you though. I just checked yoru form again and you do have you srk sn on there. Sorry about that.

I’ll take all the pics and post them at the end of tomorrow.


LOL sorry about that DF mine is the one with Kill Bill Art on it


I’d like to see how far my stick is coming alont too (I just ordered it Saturday so it can’t be that far but still).

Mine is the one with a silouette (sp?) of Iori with my handle in the bottom right-hand corner.


DF I have probably read nearly half of these post and I hear you’re that damn good at custom sticks. I have a few questions 'bout your sticks and stuff so I’ll just email my questions. It’s L902215@netzero.com


i just wanted to co-sign what a lot of people have been saying about df’s work. i got my custom sanwa about 1.5 weeks ago and the thing is a work of art. the workmanship is really professionally done and the stick performs perfectly.

so anyone looking to get a custom stick, go to df. you won’t be sorry.

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i’m just wondering, but what is that font on the eckostyle artwork on your thumbs page.

also is it true that it’s easy to use square and octagonal gates interchangeablely. like i heard you can swap then easily


johnaero you got pics?