[FORSALE] Custom Arcade Joystick(s)


Would you ever consider selling one of those dreambox convertors without selling with a stick?

I might want one in the future and was wondering if you were willing to sell me one.


sex) packets sure thing. But stick customers will have the priority. So if by the time you’re getting a converter and someone buying a stick needs it, I will have to give that one to him/her.

I should have enough for you though. I bought quite a bit.:slight_smile:

Reading combos like music
Reading combos like music

D-Fist, check your email, I have a few questions. :slight_smile:


omg bump

[SF4] Hit confirming

damn… i hear awesome things about your sticks, in fact, yesterday i saw someone who happened to have one of yours… it was a beast… but, im curious, do you by chance happen to fix mas sticks? i got one of the gay 360s that doesnt read diagonals well… so i was wondering if you could either take the 360 out and put in an 8-way with a hardspring or fix the 360 itself… also if you could, would i mail it to you or something?


solaris, your best bet would be to email happs, and they will send you a replacement. Putting in a new one would be a snap. Sending it to me and then me shipping it back to you would be too expensive and not worthwhile. If you need help installing the 360 just see me on aim: bboystep


i coudnt say it any better…he got my stick to me in THREE days…it fucking great…not to dis snaake…but if u want a stick…i most deff. recomend u getting it from dreaded fist…his gfx are amazing also…the quality of the stick is 100% DOPE…if u want a kickass stick…order from dread…he is amazing:D


forgot one thing…he recieved the check…last tuesday…and had the stick sent out monday…THAT SHIT IS TOP SPEED:D


My stick came in a couple of days ago and it’s far better than I imagined. Solid construction and fast delivery and a lot cheaper than if I went with MAS. FLAWLESS. Wish I’d done it sooner.


fuck man i wish i would have got my shit from him instead of mas… anyways i have a p360 in my mas and i was wondering if anyone here knew, if i ordered a competition or super stick from happs would it fit in the same space as the p360 or would it be too big or too small?



it’ll fit since the mounting holes are all the same for happ sticks. Why would you want to switch out a p360 though?


the diagonals are bad and 8 way works better for 3rd strike for me anyways so i was like why not… happ said they couldnt exchange my shit so… whatever…

thx for the help



Solaris: I see…

Introducing the new model of sticks that I will also be providing from now on, at a playa price. This is ment to be both a lap stick and a table-top stick. It is taller to provide a better angle and when you put it on the floor, it won’t be so low. When you put it on your lap though, you will notice that the 2 extending sides will fit over your lap and “tap” into it. It will elliminate the problem of the stick moving from side to side.

This will start at $75 and $12 shipping and will only have a contact paper finish since it isn’t fully closed, painting only the outside will look tacky and painting the inside too will take too long. I will not be putting plexiglass over this but all other options(japanese layout, hardspring, p360 will still be available)

Pictures below:

The first two pictures is the prototype I made for SFMC with a Pelican universal arcade gut. I haven’t wired the other stick yet.

Once again:
LAPTAP stick at a playa price
starting at $75
shipping= $12


sorry about bothering you so much but how do you get a hardspring on a comp stick from happs… how do you request it? i plan on ordering mine from the internet

edit* also how do i take the 360 out of my mas again? i cant figure out how unless i saw the stick off… there appears to be no way to unscrew it or anything… the little circular plastic disc that covers the hole that the stick goes through blocks it so that you cant take it out…

edit again* n/m about any of it… i’ll just switch my 360s hard spring with the standard spring since i wont be using my 360 anyways… and i figured out how to take it apart and i lost a small piece but that doesnt matter anyways either since im not using my 360… also, i have a gay pelican stick i bought for 20$ a while ago it has rapid fire and nonsense like that but it looks like i could make a stick out of it, you think it would work?

Ghost Song is the Metroid we need and deserve
Ghost Song is the Metroid we need and deserve

yeah you can make a stick out of the pelican controller.


DF, do you make Namco/Hori size customs? I have the part i want to use already.


I just got my stick in today. And all I have to saw is just WOW. This stick is amazing. Dreaded Fist I love you:confused: . Im recommending all of my friends to you. For everybody ordering a stick pick this guy cause his stuff is da shiznit.:cool: :smiley:



Quick question about my stick. How are the wires put on the switches inside the stick. Is it by solder or is it by those wire cliping thingings (I dont know the name)?



It’s soldered on, Jim.


Yo df. My P360 is badass and all, but after a recent tourny that happened today, my stick goes up and down really fast when I move it on the MVC2 character select. Everytime I try and pick my team now it bounces everywhere. During gameplay its fine just during character select. Is there a way to fix this or is this supposed to happen?

EDIT: Problem fixed.


Noob help with fuhajin release > super, and shikusen