[FORSALE] Custom Arcade Joystick(s)


need 2 sticks

sent you a pm i want to order 2 sticks bro art work is awesome




When are you on aim

your pm box is full bro when can i speak to you in aim


if my inbox is full, you guys can just email me at

k thx


heya bro

Email me at whodini232000@yahoo.com it keeps failing to send my email to you i will just try a reply to you


floyd, I got your email.


xbox converter

just wandering if anyone knows a ps to xbox converter that works with xbox live if so what is it and where do i get it


This guy is amazing

Post a link on your thread to show the art for big floyd


here it is.


Yet again you come through

Great art work man i cant wait to get the stick


I have to say, Dreaded Fists stick are fucking incredible. Mine came in the mail today, and I couldnt be happier with it. The stick he built for me is the red and white on on his pahe, with Hibiki in the middle.

First off, from the minute I opened it and took it out of the box, you can tell this stick was made with tremendous effort and perfection. It feels as if it had tons of work put into it(and believe me, there was alot of work), and does not feel cheaply made, like those everyday stick you see at Gamestop and EB. Its sturdy, stays in place all the time, and just plain plays excellently.

The cosmetics of the stick are awesome. DFist did a fucking great job on the faceplate art, and i love to stare at it. Really. Stare at it. It really ties the stick together, and gives it a “kick ass” feel. Id go as far to say that this is arcade exact, because it plays just like a stick I’d use at any arcade I go to.

All in all, do not hesitiate to buy a stick from DFist. its a great investment, a kick ass way to play fighters at home, and a nice piece to show off to your friends, you slick bastard. You’re so cool now.

Now, back to playing MvC2 the way it was meant to.

Thanks again, you made someone a damn happy camper. :slight_smile:



Dreaded fist is actually a nice d00d.

He let me bullshit with him 3 days in a row at his convenience about the custom artwork for my stick. I wasted like hours every day about which picture for each character and what not, and he managed not to kill me and shoot me dead.

He shifted my start/select buttons to where I wanted them because im super picky.

He lowered the right side of the stick to make it more mvc2 friendly, so when i mash my hands dont catch like with a mas stick

He set it up perfectly with the spacings just like i asked, the colors, and everything was right

HE EVEN mapped the buttons out so they map right for ps1 then TOOK TIME OUT OF HIS DAY TO ORDER THE CONVERTER FOR ME And charge me just for the converter (no secret fees) and mapped the dc converter to have all the buttons in the right place so i wouldnt have to adjust before i start playing

He’s the fucking bomb.

Buy your stick from him or get yourself fucking shot.

Mindless playing

dreaded is the realest. this foo’ dont play, if you want a stick he’ll hook you up with the dopest stick possible.

fuck xarcade and mas. y’all want the realest, my boy dreaded’ll hook yo’ ass up.

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Yeah. DF hella owns up. He answered any questions I had about the soldering points. Plus, he’s a nice guy.



Dreaded Fist is the shiznit…he totally took my messed up shit and fixed it up and made it pimp. He always does a good job and does whatever ya need.

Holla DF, peeace!



I have 2 sticks coming soon from DF and need to know if any of you have found a ps to xbox converter that works with his sticks on xbox live


is that t-molding on the corners?
i wanna purchase t-molding but not the routing tool, is it possible to take a thin saw and slice the middle of the board? will the t-molding stay on?

thanks for any help


No, I do not use t-molding simply for the fact that they’re not needed. I sand the wood down really good and then paint it. Over time, t-molding will start to come off, Denistyle can attest to that.


its desistyle DF…not denistyle!!!

Yeah…it comes off…



On the subject of T-molding…

Doesn’t MAS sticks use t-molding on the side panels?