Forstner bits in San Diego?

Hey guys, any of you in San Diego buy your 24mm & 30mm forstner bits locally? I’ve been having a tough time finding them so far, can’t seem to find these in metric locally. I am going to order them online next week if I can’t find them this weekend, wanted to see if you guys had any luck finding them.


Yeah…I tried getting these in stores as well last year. Lowes and HD you…would expect to have them, but no luck. I checked ACE hardware, but none either. I ended up ordering both 24 and 30 online somewhere. It’ll save you the frustration. I got mine from It was $18.90 for both shipped USPS using Paypal.

Another place you can try ordering a forstner bit is

I’ve also heard that 25mm are more “standard” (because it’s divisible by 5), and easier to find than 24mm, and it would be only about 1/64th of an inch too big, and would still be a good fit. Never tried it, but it’s what I’ve heard if a 24mm is a bit harder or outlandish to find.

Thanks man, I ended up ordering them today, the $1.00 shipping is great!


No problem…$1 shipping, wish everything was like that!