Fort Hood...again

Here we go again. They caught this one before he could carry out his plan.

So glad I didn’t re enlist at Ft. Hood. The shit that goes on there and outside of the base can be sketch sometimes.

That’s it! I’m going to officially declare that ALL muslims are dangerous and should be contained!! Think of the children!

How do we know he’s a Muslim? Because he said so? I need to see a business card first.

Pretty much. Along with his name…yeah, I buy it. Never heard of somebody with an arabic name (Abdo, derived from Abduh, meaning “Allah’s Servant”, with “Jason” tossed in there afterwards to be more american, somehow) pretending to be a muslim. Just doesn’t track, Kemo Sabe.

haha, the funny thing to me is that he looks just like a “regular white guy”. A convert, I suppose.

Either that or he’s second generation mixed.

I’m being facetious:

That place is GHETTO. You got all kinds of gangs on base - even worse is that those gangsters are active military.

Yeah but when did this gang shit started? When I was there back in 03’ tell 07’ there was no gang violence that I remember of. Yet, from all the stories I’ve heard gangs started to appear and jump soldiers on their off time. Are they hispanic gangs or what?

since we’re talking about crazy muslims, how bout the guy that just killed the mayor of kandahar with a bomb hidden in his turban.

The gangs have been there for awhile… just been getting really active in recent years. They aren’t just Hispanic, there are Bloods, Crips, Aryan Nation, all kinds of shit there. Fort Hood is a BIG place though. Now that rotations are slowing down, I’m sure those guys have more time to organize and do dumb shit.

He was really using his brain and had the situation under wraps.

That gun shop owner’s got good business sense. He won’t snitch, he gotta get paid first.