Fort Wayne, IN: High Stakes Hungry, Hungry Hippos League


Brent, stop being lonely! I’m always here for ya!:wink:


i love you man! lol :wink: no but really…


if anyone still reads here, Abe is having locals on Saturday, December 7. i’m guessing a safe starting time is like 8pm probably


I’ll show up if no one minds going to need an address


Man, it’s so crazy how things change. I remember back in the early 2000s when it would take me hours to catch up on reading the thread if I didn’t have internet for awhile… Anyone doing anything new these days?


So, does anyone have anything new going on? Anyone enjoying KI? Thoughts or impressions?


i don’t think anyone reads this anymore. i barely even do. nothing new going on with me really. and i haven’t touched fighting games in awhile. no one to play locally and i can’t hit many tourneys anymore due to my work schedule. HOWEVER that will change for a brief time coming up soon. i’m hitting the ST TOL2 qualifier in Cincy on 4/26, then Godlike Saturday in Indy on 5/3, and i think i’m headed to UFGTX in Chicago on Memorial Day weekend


Hey Brent! I’m excited to hear that you’ll be able to attend a few tourneys soon. I wish I could go with you but my weekends have been insane lately. My phone is working again (had two months where it wasn’t) so feel free to text!


yeah i’ll def do that. and yes it’s nice to finally be able to resume a hobby i enjoy after being forced into 6 months away from it. lol. :wink:


Anyone looking to play some fighting games soon? Do we still do that in Fort Wayne?


looool Brandon that is a fair question. do we still do that here in FW? outside of the Smash players, no. do some of us that enjoy non-Smash games still want to? yes. i still travel to a couple tournaments. you are welcome to join along, just gotta keep in touch. best to reach me on my cell or on facebook.


I’m sure I still have your number, but no facebook.

Saw you on the UGFTX commercial about what you’d miss most.


oh yeah? lol i still have yet to see that. i need to search around youtube and see if it’s there. it was definitely a good tournament series, good times, and it will be missed. but yeah give me a call or text @ 2602234961


Anyone play in Indianapolis? I’m coming for Pokemon nats from UT and I want to get blown up.


We’re having a tournament in southern Indiana coming up real soon! We’ll be playing UMvC3 and SSBM. It’d be great to see some of you Fort Wayne players there

Check out the tournament thread here:

And make sure to sign up on the Facebook event page!


Any games this weekend?
Johnny Appleseed festival and whatnot, I know you guys will be there.

Hit me up for some fighting games.


SFV releases in a week, tomorrow.

I hope to see some weekend meetups a few weeks after release.

I know people don’t post here, but I don’t have a facebook account anymore.


hey Brandon. sorry mate but none of the Fort Wayne players feel the need to play offline. they think playing online exclusively is good enough. i don’t even play SFV because there is no locals.


I’m really not digging STV. It seems too different from others SFs of the past. But, I am enjoying the new KOF quite a bit. That’s a really fun game with a ton of options.

@brent - How’s your putt-putt been?


Someone post the Fort Wayne FGC discord and facebook group, please?