Fort worth scene?

I’ll be moving to fort worth soon to live with my girl, In the off chance I do get to play some games, What are some places I could go to for some comp?

look in the dallas thread.

Mystic Bash I’m down for some SNK action in Denton if you wanna game.

i used to live in fort worth…i moved to arlington… its about… 15 minutes away from fort worth… i heard people play console games at the gaming center on hulen street or something

I’ve been wondering this myself since I’m sometimes in ft worth. But if you wanna play go to teh dallas forums. Someone will usually have a gathering or something. Arcades are dead in dfw

I live in Fort Worth if anyone wants to game anytime.
Console games ARE played at “the gaming center” off hulen street.
Like tonite…starting at midnight, we’re gonna be playing some 3s, maybe kof11 and ggac.

Hmm. I live near marine creek, Im down for whatever really, Im an all around fighter. Just been real scrubby since I bought my girl a wii, Cooking mama is so fun, And Zelda is SOOOOOOOOO fuckin long compared to others -_-.

either way this forum should be closed and you should post in teh dallas forums or the unblockable thread. thats where eddie resides.

Why is that? Dallas thread is for Dallas games, Dallas can be over an hour’s drive away from fort worth!
Fort Worth is its own City, with well over a million people, it deserves its own thread. but i know it isnt gonna have one, i’ve seen about 3 fort worth threads shut down for whatever gay reason over the last 6 years… so Eh…
Anyhoo, for anyone still interested in gaming in FORT WORTH, we did play games at “the gaming center” today…it was from midnight till 6 am, and the games were Cvs2,
ggac,3s, and mvc2. Oh, and Eddie resides where ever games are at. :wgrin:

Hm, Anyone got sticks? I cant play on personal sticks sadly, Least not like I can in the arcade(Which isnt that good anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ) But I want some competition damnit. Sadly I dont know when I’ll get a chance to come play. If I do you guys better bust out that tekken.

Post In The Dtx Thread Goddamnit

Noooooooo :frowning: Dallas is like a whole fuckin hour away from where I stay at.

yeah well eventhough i want a fort worth thread there arent enough people to keep it alive so its gonna die eventually… :cry:
Mystic_bash, You’re in fw am in fw …lets game!

Keep the Ft. Worth Thread alive…Eddy next week I’ll be down for some KOFXI…

Hmmmm. Lets see, Friday I spend the day/night with my girl so friday is no good. Saturday MAYBE, Sunday is a hell no. Its our anniversary and well :wink:

You got it man!