Fortune cookie trouble



Hey guys i just started w xiaoyu and im extremely inconsistant turning fortune cookie into rain dance/dark n stomy and when im lucky enough to, alot of times it goes into the back kick instead of where she ends in phoenix stance. Basically i wanna do the preset combo 4 manually. I need some tips maybe like on what number hit to press hp again. It seems like once she goes into rain dance stance its a link. Basically if someone could break down preset combo 4 for me. Its one of her trials as well.


Just one of those timings you will need to practice a lot, very rewarding combo. I can do it most of the time just by feel/sound. I don’t believe that it’s one frame though, it feels a little bigger than that.

Double tap HP so that it goes straight into dark n stormy. Not sure what her preset 4 is, but if you’re trying to link into fortune cookie, I find cr. Lp, Mp to be very nice. Alternatively, I guess you could just go cr. HP, fortune cookie and use it as a hit confirm (follow through with 3rd fortune cookie if they block and you’re safe).


Double tap punch make sure u just get it in on the first hit then u have to hold down and just down if u hold diagonal down it won’t work