Forum activity for next Evo?

First of all, the live stream was awesome and kept thousands of people including myself thoroughly entertained for the whole weekend. Kudos. :lovin:

But though the live stream was great and lots of fun was to be had in the chat, the way that SRK was down for the bulk of Evo was disappointing. The site was up for about half of Friday, then just the morning of Saturday, and by Sunday I guess the server cried Uncle because SRK was declared to be down until after Evo finishes.

The Evo forums were always a hotspot for discussion/trashtalk/speculation/hype/results/brackets, especially for those of us not able to attend the event in person. Live chat is fun, but it doesn’t give you much message/post history to refer to, and you don’t really hear much about what’s going on in the side tournaments/MMs/etc… The brackets were good when they were up, but by Sunday (or partway through Saturday) they became inaccessible, and even then they didn’t seem to be updated quite frequently enough.

Even if forum activity is limited to the Evo section during Evo time, it’d be great if we could have SRK usable in some form during Evo next year.

try #capcom on efnet for hot live good conversation.

Twitter was my alternate source to stay updated while there. #evo2k was awesome.

Having the forums up though would’ve been nice. Was there server issues of not being able to handle the increased load? It would’ve been nice for at least premium members to be able to login.


yeah #capcom ftw. Even when the stream went down Mr.Wizard gave us the play by play.

Maybe an alternate stream on Shoutcast at a low bitrate? For people who can’t stream video or for when the video stream must be taken down. Shoutcast = audio only by the way.

You could have people shoutcasting telling everyone at least what’s going on if they can’t watch video or if the video stream is not available.