Forum Aesthetic Wishy-washy-ness, Why?


Why is this site changing every other day? I mean literally just yesterday it was balck and blue, now it’s white and blue and Ibuki has become the new banner… BTW whoever drew that is really good. Props and thanks to you sir/madam.


You might wanna post this here :

As for the site changing, I really can’t comment on that.


They (the SRK gods) are tinkering with new formats, colors, etc. Also, you can change the colors yourself with the dropdown box at the bottom left of your page.

It’s no big deal, it’ll be stable soon enough. Don’t go crazy.


I’m not whining.
That was what I was thinking, I just thought it was a more complicated reason.
Many are complaining about blue steel being gone. whatevs yo. Ibuki owns the site now, haha.