Forum cleanup for matchups

Preamble / pre ramble: I am fully ready to be flamed for this. I welcome it actually
because I think there needs to be more dialog on this subject!

I know where to find info on matchups here, but a lot of people don’t.
I for one would love it if we could some how go through every post
with info on a specific matchups and put them into one post in the
match up thread. You could write a book with all of the matchup
experiences that have been posted up here but it’s gotten a little
fragmented into different stickys and newly created threads. The search
function works but waiting 300 seconds between searches is a big pain
in the ass.

I propose a matchup only thread 2.0 or maybe just an update to the existing
matchup thread with as much of the goodness we can find through out
the chun portion of the forums.

good idea / bad? thoughts? I wouldn’t mind actually creating this new
thread if no one else wanted to go through the motions. I don’t want
to step on anyones toes here either. If the idea of gathering all
of the matchup info into one place is panned or comes across as
pointless / unwanted / reduntant let’s hear it, but try to back your
point up as well. Just remember opinions are like assholes.

Nice idea and instead of talk about 2.0 why not named that

Advanced Strategy or Clutch/Key Strategy ?

I think you could make an argument for “advanced strategy” or “key strategy” because the game is generally about matchups knowlegde when you get to a certain point in your development.

I dont think anyone would be against it, it’s more like the fact that it’d be a massive amount of work to gather all the information bits here and there.

(Today i feel my english is bad and i dont’ find my words :confused: )

Azrael post are very good and a lot of user post advanced strategy too.

I feel like one matchup can be play thousand way in advanced strategy whereas Beginner strategy is always the same.

Everybody is agree about the knowlegde but in the same time everybody has a way to win the match.

Example, some will say to you, run away from Gief and others can just win this matchup in staying close to gief.

If we mixup beginner strategy with advanced strategy in the same thread, i think we can confuse a chun li player :confused:

Agreed but it would be worth it completely imo.

I find that forums are generally unfiltered for truth and it’s mostly up to the reader to apply what they’ve read in real matches. I was hoping for the purpose of the new thread to be a central location to find matchup specific info.

I like the idea, but can I still flame you?

I think the best way to do it would be to go matchup by matchup. For instance, we could start with Abel and have everyone interesting in making this thread post/link what they know, and only discuss that matchup until we have a good writeup. Then move on to the next. The problem is that some of the information is outdated and has been updated/rediscussed elsewhere in other threads and it’s hard to keep track without discussing things again.

That’s an interesting idea about how to organize the info. I personally was leaning towards more of a compilation of all of the matchup information that already exists so we can reference was already been said. There is nothing wrong with discussing new strategies but the old ones are harder to find in it’s current state.

For fuck sakes, just do what my friend did, make a fuckin’ blog or website that is dedicated to this type of shit.

Yeah because we don’t need that type of information around here! For fuck’s sake!

run through old threads and link them by post count under a new post.

group them by matchup

or a new matchup thread with 1st few posts reserved for a similar link and summary task for the old and new match up discussions with a dedicated facilitator

:coffee: you may get repped for your efforts

they say sarcasism is hard too express in writing. good job.

This probably makes the most sense in terms of keeping everything clean. Rather that quoting or copy paste the infomation into a thread it could be linked.

While the approach I mentioned is certainly no easy task, it helps maintain coherence by making each matchup one big writeup rather than separate posts by different people. I think I have an idea though- we can start with just the links, and as people have time, they can replace the links with big summary writeups. How does that sound?

I working on the links right now :smiley:

That sounds like a good idea. People could start by just posting links to useful info in the link thread whenever they find it/feel like searching for it, and a group effort could be made to organize the links and put them in the OP. As the info started piling up, maybe someone would feel like doing summaries or write-ups. I feel this would be the best way of going about it since it doesn’t require one person to make a huge commitment they would probably not be able to fulfill.

OK I have abel’s section done but it’s not posted. I don’t mind going through the motions for the other matchups as well but if someone has time and they want to put together links thats cool. It might just be easier to read in this format in one post.

Here’s a preview of what I have so far!

title = Matchup specific strategy compilation (WIP)

This thread is an attempt to compile links regarding matchup specific strategy.

If you have any links that have been missed / improperly placed then please pm

me and I will add it. I included some of the posts from the character’s threads as


I will try to update this as much as possible…

First and foremost discussion regarding strategy starts here:




From Abel’s forums: