Forum Organization Discussion Thread



The Sim group is relatively small yet the information available is valuable. The fundamental problem is a lack of organization.

I’d like to propose a complete reorganization of the Dhalsim group.

I propose that the entire Dhalsim forum have only two stickied threads.

“The Dhalsim Forum Table of Contents”


“Dhalsim General Discussion”

This thread would be created by myself or another of the few highly active members of the group.

The table of contents thread would primarily consist of a single post. This post would have a subsection for matchups which would link to the individual official matchup threads (one thread per matchup) exactly as Gore has done in his very useful matchup thread.

There’d be a subsection for links to execution threads (combos / setups) and a subsection for Ultras (Ultra 1, Ultra 2 and when / how to use them).

Additional posts in the table of contents thread would simply request that the original post be changed in some way.

The purpose of the Dhalsim General Discussion thread would be to simply allow for a consistent dialogue between players about any number of topics. Any important information could be distilled into other threads if appropriate.

The goal of this reorganization would be to resolve the largest fundamental flaw in using a forum as a database. Long match-up threads can be incredibly difficult to work through in order to find the specific information that one needs. This is the same with general discussion threads or combo threads.

In addition to the advantages that I’ve already mentioned, the changes that I propose also allow for the emergence of an additional layer of organization in the future. Since a highly active poster would be responsible for the table of contents they’d also be able to resolve the issue of inefficient and redundant threads by simply choosing which thread will be authoritative and linking it directly in the table of contents.

Overall this removes the need for players to read through the individual threads from the main thread index and opts for a more customized index of threads via the Table of Contents thread.


You have my sword.


Excellent idea. This forum has never been very organized. I say in the specific character match-up threads we also post all known pro videos of said match-up on the first page if possible. So everyone doesn’t have to search pages in the video thread to find a said match-up.


Excellent idea. If this plan ever comes to fruition let’s decide on an exact structure for the individual matchup threads.

I imagine it’d be like.

Thread Post 1. Introduction and all compiled tips in list form.
Thread Post 2. Links to educationally valuable videos.


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I think that sounds like a good structure. I would be willing to set something up if no one else want’s to. I haven’t posted very often, but i browse the forum a lot.

Should we get all good info from current match-up threads and start new ones with players who have been committed to Sim since the beginning? This way there’s a better chance the first posts will be updated because i definitely don’t plan on quitting Sim now after almost 2 years and i doubt many of the frequent posters do either.


I wouldn’t worry about doing anything until something happens. There’s a good idea that nothing will ever come of this.


This is a genius idea.

One of the biggest drags about being a Dhalsim player is that I can’t get the information I need to obtain as fast as let’s say when I used to main Abel. I just don’t have time to sift through all these threads to find what I need to find.

Organization is needed here.


Another nod of approval here. All regulars of the Sim forums provide invaluable feedback to noobs and vets alike, and providing a more efficient and time saving manner to view this information is long overdue.


you have my vote… if that means anything


Organization is good. I support this idea and would subscribe to your newsletter.


raises hand yes please


In addition to the 2 sticky threads mentioned earlier (General Discussion, Table of Contents) I would also propose we add a sticky thread titled “Are you interested in playing against a Dhalsim player?” or something more concise along those lines. With having only 3 sticky threads people should be able to identify that before posting.


Very good Idea, every forum should have this. I just came to this thread to ask if I can play a solid Dhalsim player.


This really needs to happen soon. I’ve been playing dhalsim for a while now and I really feel I need to know a lot of information about match-ups in order to be good. I really can’t find specific things on here. Please organize this soon otherwise I’m just gonna switch to another character purely on the fact that I can go to the forum and get info I need to know easily.


I agree and I think we need that reorganization. Just seeing the other char’s section that are completely structured.
First of all, we NEED a good Sim player with good reputation (e.i. you!) to become MOD here.
Without him, there’s no control with spam/repetitive threads which only generate confusion in this section.

I also think “the general table of contents” should be updated frequently, with the community help.
I don’t know if an hierarchy is the solution, but I think we need to select few people that can make:

  • administrative decision: like closing/modifing threads (…)
  • technical decision: accepting tips & trickies as “official” (after being verified and reliable)

I would like to create an update combo thread and a LIAT mixups as soon as I can.


@ ShawnMcCool: you should contact a Sim thread mod, I don’t think they read our discussions.

Sim’s link thread has been stickied by one ot them after my request via PM.


Gore, the advantage of having a properly organized and maintained table of contents thread is to allow us to task out important thread ideas (like the combo thread you mentioned) to appropriate people and then to link to them through the table of contents in order to make them authoritative.

I’ve begun work on collecting the data that I need to put this plan into proper motion. Thank you for your help regarding the private message. Let’s see what we can do with this over the next few days.

Overall, having some people who genuinely care about best-practices and improving the resource working on this stuff should dramatically improve the quality of this section of the site.


I’ve created the following threads for the purpose of replacing what is currently stickied:

I’ve sent a message to a moderator and hopefully we’ll see some action. If everything works out for us then the active and experienced regulars can donated their energy to helping restructure.

I’m nowhere near done with these threads. This is just what I was able to do in half an hour.


Ok, it seems that we’ve definitely made some progress. I’d still like to see those other 3 stickied threads be unstuck. We would link to them from the table of contents thread and at the right time we could retire them.

I hope that some people will take it upon themselves to make new match-up threads (or, if possible) modify the match-up threads that exist something like.

First post, description and itemized lists of tips / situations
Second post, list of high level match videos for that match-up.