Forum Proposition: Newb Forum

So after some deliberation I finally got around to making this; sorry : (. I’ve been thinking that the best way to get more people into a game and community is to provide them a place to start. Right now SRK doesn’t really have a place to start if someone wants to get into a game or say hi to everyone. Usually people that are new make “hi i’m new threads” on GD 'cause that isn’t related to games so it must be the right place to make an introductory thread. Yeah.

So the purpose of the newb forum would be to include resources for people to learn how to play fighting games in general and to allow newbies to introduce themselves. One main goal is to educate people into understanding what they see around them and how to approach it. Once people have a better grasp of what is around them and what they’re looking at; they’re going to have a much easier time asking questions and fitting into the scene. Also, it’d be nice if reputation was disabled or there was a rule against flaming people there. Right now most people that are new to the site go to the SF4 forum. We all know how bad that place is and we probably take for granted that THERE ARE THAT MANY PEOPLE interested in Street Fighter. Yes they’re horribly misinformed but they’re interested enough to register. So a newb forum to let them introduce themselves and get a good feel for the forums would really help.

That’s pretty much it, I’m not exactly sure how everything will be organized, I’ve been playing around with content ideas.

[]Have sticky threads introducing people to ____ game. Just give them basics or something that will show them multiple games. Small video clips that shows them how the game is or something.
]Have a sticky that introduces people into arcade hardware.
[]Articles about the mindset that goes into a fighting game (sirlin’s old articles/anyone else that wants to write)
]What to do if you’re interetsed in playing on console. What you need to know about HDTVs, sitcks, and settings for games.

So with that, I urge newbs to come out of lurking to show support for the forum proposal!

It’s been discussed with the mods and admin already, and we all concluded that it wasn’t a good idea.

I think the truest solution is to lurk more. There are specific sections for all the things that you mentioned. Maybe a topic to walk the duller knives to where they want or need to go, but it’s not hard to see where to go for all those different things. (Domination 101, Game specific forums, tech talk, etc). And then there’s the shoryuken wiki which has a lot of basic information listed as well.

If the user is genuinely interested, it’s pretty hard to find all the information they need with the current layout, especially since most of the things you’d be introducing them to belong in separate forums. I mean, a newbie guide is one thing, but baby sitting & daycare section doesn’t sound too appealing.

Just out of curiosity, would you be willing to tell us why it’s not a good idea?

Many forums have a “newb” section and it really helps keep things organized. Noob questions and intro threads all go into one place.

It’s been a while, so I’ll just try to go off memory. The biggest problems I remember are these:

  1. No one wants to mod that shit because it would be, by far, the worst forum on SRK.
  2. A newb subforum that operates on another, more lenient set of rules wouldn’t prepare new users for posting elsewhere on SRK anyway, and it would at best constrain those users to Newb-SRK forever and at worst create new problematic users in the main forum.

There were other reasons too.

This wouldn’t work for SRK because our main forums and our users aren’t like those from other forums.

I’ll do it.

Worst forum? How?

Yeah, for as long as I’ve been here, nothing of that sort will ever happen. It’s bad enough FGD is in this current state(and to a further extent, the SFIV forum). A newb forum would only make things worse. Too many variables(i.e. stupid people).

Let all the “stupid people” come in the noob forum to get all the “stupidness” out of them.

Sure it’ll be a mess, but who cares? Would you rather have “trash” all over srk or just all in that one spot?

If you have to ask how, you’re probably not ready to moderate it. :xeye:

Eh, I feel like there are enough other forums that already function as a gateway to SRK. Match vids and higher (somewhat) strategy get posted in the most random places, eventually people figure out where SRK is and register. There’s only so much you can do to ease people into it. The bigger problem is that most new people post more than they read, don’t use common sense, and have poor manners. I highly doubt a noobie forum will fix any of that.

This is stupid.

"most new people post more than they read, don’t use common sense, and have poor manners"
Why is it so easy for people to confuse TROLLING with being an 08 member?
I love how people ride their join date like it’s a trophy or something.

What about new members that AREN’T like that?

Those are essential members we want to keep in the community.
All we want to do is have a one stop place with Links, guides, FAQs, etc. to help point new people in the right direction. And even get a welcome thread of their own

Flames there should be bannable :]

NewB forums = great idea.
If someone comes here wanting to learn without enough knowledge to jump right into FGD they shouldn’t be flamed to death for it.

Im all for a newb forum

People who aren’t like that wouldn’t need a noob forum to begin with. There are stickies about arcade hardware in the tech section (haven’t read them recently though so I’m not sure how informative they are). Most of the major game strategy sections have a healthy number of stickies/FAQs, but I guess they could benefit from a few more noob-oriented ones.

But assumptions are pointless, it’s probably worth a try just to see what happens because it’s impossible to predict how good it would be. Could be the best idea SRK has ever seen, could be a total trainwreck. Alright, maybe I’m just bitter because I always help the ones who end up being trolls. :bluu:

Speaking as a noob to both fighting games (…well, I’ve played enough to be intermediate in terms of knowledge, but actual execution and mindgamez…) and this forum, I think instead of focusing on a noob forum, one should focus on fleshing out the wiki pages for each various game. I was practicing a little on a few fighting games last night and was going to use the wiki here to get some basics, but had to use the character forums here to learn a few things such as…

  • What Sakura’s shoshosho combo is in CvS2

  • How to do a proper triple AHVB with Cable; all the wiki had was ‘How to do AHVB inside of HSF’, which all I could gather from it is a way to do something to Sentinel when Sentinel does something called an HSF.I could easily look at Sentinel’s wiki to see what an HSF is, but a basic description would do well there and upon looking at Sentinel’s wiki, just a name and a notation of comboing into/out of is there.

In short, I think if instead a newbie forum being created, people worked more towards putting their information and strategies into the wiki pages procided here, there would be a much more organized information repository for newbies who want to learn some advanced tricks and veterans who have decided to pick up a new character.

/\ Good point.

On the same point- maybe the wikis need to be more prominently linked somewhere, like a sticky thread or something.

I have no idea where they’re linked from right now. Whenever I want to look for any of them, I google them. I’m not sure it would occur to most new players to do that.

Do people even read the wikis?

To be serious, I don’t think a noob forum is necessary. People just seriously need to lay the fuck off. Before I even looked into the GD, and was only posting on a few FGD threads I was getting ragged on for being from 08. Even before RC started following me around like a magnetic dildo to neg me because he doesn’t like hearing the truth about random subjects, I’d ask “so…does Ken’s shinryuken combo into his LP SRK?” and get negged with a message that says “Go away newb.”

So yeah, the wikis should be improved simply so people don’t have to wait two years to be able to get an answer to a question that takes a second to answer, and have the option to learn stuff about the games they play while completely avoiding this bullshit forum.

I think the problem with a “newb” forum is that it encourages a certain kind of posting. A better idea might be to have a guide for proper forum etiquette on SRK that’s presented to unregistered users or when they’re signing up. On 2ch and futaba-style image boards, you’re expected to lurk for a while and learn how the board culture works before you start posting anything. They even have a list of suggestions/guidelines on the front page.