Forum software help

Not sure why I didn’t make a thread sooner, but I am in need of forums and I was looking for suggestions as to what forums software the best.

Well you’re in luck since that’s right up my alley.

Vbulletin - considered to be one of the best and I’ve dealt with this on my own sites as well as client sites for the past 9 years now. However the cost is steep as you can lease the software for $89 a year with tech support or $160+ to own it with only a year of support. Has the largest support community with tons of monds / add-ons (officially and unofficially).

PHPBB/PHPBB3 - The second favorite forum software, has always been free and also has tons of add-ons / mods for it. Hwoever this is also forum software is usually easily compromised if you don’t secure the forum, still that can be said about any forum or software package.

MyBB - is a clone of both Vbulletin and PHPBB, though it favors Vbulletin more. Haven’t used it yet but it is the forum software that I’ll be using on my latest site project.

Yabb - Yet another bulletin board. Another free and overall decent bulletin board, however it’s unique as it’s written in perl vs php like most forum software suites.

Those are my recommendations however if you point your browser of at you’ll get more information on them.

vB lost its original devs. I can’t say that I’m a fan of either the 4.x release or XenForo.

phpBB is good but is frequently targeted like mentioned.

SMF is the successor to YaBB and is PHP/MySQL. I’d take it over phpBB. Give it a try.

Agreed, I hate VB 4.x and only use 3.8 still. All my custom themes are still intact and I keep the forums locked down / patched. I have no idea what they were thinking about for VB 4.

You’d think for as long as PHPBB has been out they’d do something about their insecurities.

Simple Machines, hands down.

If the price tag isn’t a huge issue, don’t forget the one THIS forum uses. IPB is actually pretty decent and drives a lot of fairly large community.

We don’t use Invision, we use XenForo. Alot of fighting games sites (SRK, 8WayRun, FreeStepDodge) use XenForo. I’d recommend it as well.

It’s clunky from my end. I haven’t seen the admin side though.