Forum software suggestions for the next (supposed) overhaul

i think it’s safe to say, wiz is addicted to changing the forums software on a biennial basis. That being said. We the people, should get a say in what kind of forum software SRK should adopt next if they ever decide to change it again.

If there is another overhaul, you guys should consider using Lithium as the next software base. I know Adult Swim uses it for their forums, as well with Skype and AT&T. The only problems I keep hearing about Lithium is that it’s not very dev friendly. But other than that, it’s versatile, works well with big traffic, and has potential to do this community some good.

I personally prefer vBulletin, but it’s obvious no one cares about it anymore.

Is there a reason why everyone is moving away from vBulletin?

<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“Hitzel”>Is there a reason why everyone is moving away from vBulletin?</blockquote>

yeah it’s garbage