Forum: Things EVO is doing right, and wrong, in 2005. Sound off!

jchensor actually gave me the idea to make this in another thread. The reason I’m making it is to basically list out things that people thing are really positive, and also things that could possibly be mistakes, or need improvement, this year at EVO.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SHIT ON EVO THREAD. If you are going to post and say some ridiculous shit like SRK IS TRYING TO STEAL ALL OF OUR MONEY, don’t bother, because you will be ignored. The purpose of the thread is to be CONSTRUCTIVE and hopefully help the EVO staff to make EVO 2k5 the best event possible. This is not a personal attack or an editorial on how SRK sucks! This is an honest attempt to help out the EVO staff and also make people realize how much they are doing to make this the best EVO ever.


  1. Moving Evolution to Las Vegas. I can’t emphasize enough how much of an asset this is. Not only will you be able to go to THE Fighting Game major of the year, but you’ll also be able to DO SOMETHING ELSE FUN during the tournament time! Take a few extra days and have fun in Vegas, and then attend the best tournament in the USA…throw some hookers into the mix (optional)…TOO GOOD!

  2. The Bring-Your-Own-Console Room. Let’s face it, we all get bored standing around all weekend waiting for our matches to be called. Having the ability and space to play whatever game you want while you wait, and adding massive casual play to the mix, is undoubtedly an asset. Want to take on someone in XSF? Have a grudge with Tommy Balls in Fighters History? Well, at EVO not only can you play in an awesome tourney, but you’ll have more than enough time to fuck around with other games too. YOU WILL NEVER BE BORED!

  3. Online pre-paid registration. The ability to pay BEFORE YOU GET THERE and avoid the long lines to register is just a no-brainer. If you have the means to pay ahead of time, DO SO!

  4. Teaming up with MLG, but keeping control of the tournament in SRK staff hands. By teaming up with MLG, EVO is allowed to get into a bigger and better venue than ever before. Can you say 10000000 TVs and projectors for finals? By keeping the tournaments run by SRK staff and having the prize distribution as standard for non-MLG tournaments, SRK has also avoided controversy of “waiting 10 months for my prize check to come in the mail” and other problems MLG is currently facing at hte moment.

  5. Getting bomb-ass hotel discounts for huge, luxurious rooms. $139 a night may seem a little on the expensive side, but let’s face it, EVERONE knows three other players who you can trust to split the cost of a room for a few days. Add to that fact that EVO is at a resort, with huge pool, gym, bars, casino, and everything else you could want on-site, and you’ve got yourself a vacation in one building.

  6. Having MvC2 on DC. There simply wasn’t another option, because it’s commonly accepted that the Xbox and PS2 versions of this game have significant differences from the arcade version of the game. DC has been the widely accepted console version of MvC2 for years, and there is no reason to change this. YES there will be 1000000 blue screens, but unfortunately that’s the price you pay for being a Marvel player. There’s just not much else to say.


  1. Assuming that over 100 people will pre-pay for online registration, in order to vote for a side-game. History has shown us that even when pre-paid registration is demanded, very few players utilize this feature. At Texas Showdown 5 and ECCX, I believe literally less than 15 people at each tournament pre-paid online, and the majority of people registered at the last minute, causing hold-ups and long lines. Unfortunately, this is just to be expected because history always repeats itself. Offering the option to vote for one of 8 side games is great, but expecting 100 people to pre-pay for these games is unrealistic. I doubt that 100 people TOTAL will pre-pay before EVO, let alone 100 vote and pay for one specific side-game.

  2. Shitting on people publicly on the forums for trying to get a better deal on a hotel. Yes, we all know how great the Green Valley Resort is, and we all understand the convenience of being right next to EVO and having a bomb-ass room. We also understand the lengths that EVO staff went to get the group rate discount. But you also have to understand that a lot of people coming to EVO are kids under the age of 21 who don’t have a lot of money, and absolutely need to pinch pennies. You also have to realize that not everyone has a bunch of gamer friends they would trust to split a room with them and then pay appropriately. I may reserve a room at the Green Valley, but I’m really not counting on getting the full, equal share of rent for whoever ends up staying in my room…even more so because I’m sure there will be 100 different people in my room playing games all weekend at any given time. By shitting on people for trying to find better discounts on hotel rates, all you’re doing is making yourselves look bad. There’s always going to be the random asshole that has the conspiracy theory of “SRK IS MAKING US PAY TO MUCH AND STEAL ALL OF OUR MONEY!” But for the most part, the people who are looking for better room deals are probably tight on cash, and wouldn’t mind staying at the roach motel down the street if it can save them a couple hundred bucks.

  3. As of now, no official scheduled grudge matches or side events. One of the biggest and most exciting things to go down at EVO was the MvC2 EC vs WC 5-on-5 at EVO 2k3. The reason the event was so successful was because it was widely publicized ahead of time. Having exciting side-events like the 5 on 5 add to the attractiveness of EVO as a whole. Not only do you get a tournament, and some kick-ass casual play, but just like the best Boxing and Wrestling PPVs you are GUARANTEED to see the matches you have been waiting for all year. How about Justin Wong v. Sanford, the fight to end all fights, putting it all on the line? After Combofiend’s beastly performance at ECCX, why not have a WC vs EC 5 on 5 in CvS2? Why not have some of the newer-school ST players like Justin, Flash, me, Ricky, Julien, etc., take on the old-schoolers like Shirts, Seth, Cole, Watson, Valle, Choi? These are matches that people would come to EVO just for the sake of watching, despite everything else, and would add to the completeness of the tournament as a whole. I just feel like without scheduled events like these, Evolution is just dropping the ball once again.

That’s just a few of the things that come to mind for me. Now I’d love to hear what other players have to say!

No grudge matches pisses me off too. I want drama too, not just friendly competition! Handshakes my ass, KILL THE BASTARD!

This is actually a very good idea.
Old School vs. New School 5 on 5

I’m not too up to date on Evo’s history but from what I can tell from past tournaments was that Street Fighter Alpha 3 was a staple game. Now, what I feel is wrong is making this one of the “votable” games. Either 2 scenarios will happen. Right now, as it stands, SFA3 will win the voting. Thus depriving the players who wanted just about everything else. however, if it does lose, Evo loses one of it’s major events.

(This just occurred to me last night when I was filling out the reg form for Evo2k5.)

Good thread. Non-retardation appreciated.

[Good stuff snipped] Thx. Though conspiracy theorists sometimes reveal the SRK plot to RUIN fighting games in N.America, most staff has been successfully brainwashed into thinking we really are trying to make things great.

This is most of what I have to say on the subject: I said there that preregistration for the side tournaments wasn’t some idle optimism on our parts- it was just a necessity if they were going to happen at all. Your suggestion might be good for informal things people can just throw together, but for official tournaments that we advertise and plan around, it just won’t work.

As for preregistering for the other tourneys- you’re certainly right people may not use the preregistration option. We’ve given people the option and begged them to save themselves a few boring hours- not a lot more we can do. Maybe I can hire some notably gassy SRKers to go to town on a giant sack of Del Taco and patrol the line to make things extra unpleasant this year.

I haven’t tried to shit on anyone for getting cheaper hotels. (that’s my first post in the EVO hotel thread, where I end with “We appreciate everyone coming out to EVO and realize that some people might need to make some other arrangements, so this is not to villainize anyone who can’t swing with Green Valley hotness. Instead it’s just an effort to make the situation clear so people can make an informed decision and have the best tournament experience possible.”)

I did ask that the official EVO HOTEL thread not be turned into a clearinghouse for cheap hotels. No one is dumb enough to think there’s only one hotel in Vegas, so of course if Green Valley doesn’t work for you, you can look around and make some sacrifices. You can discuss alternatives lots of other places, but don’t ask us to be excited about having them in the official (and sticky) thread. The staff interest in this is that if practically none of the EVO players actually stay at Green Valley, we will simply not be able to go back there, or anyplace else interesting. Part of their willingness to rent us their facilities at all is based on the idea that people going to the event will want to stay there. If all EVO players are too cheap to do even that, then we get the boot and it’s back to the middle of nowhere for competitive fighting games, because we will be blackballed in Vegas. It may (or may not) surprise people to know that a lot of places wouldn’t even talk to us this year because of the stigma of a bunch of cheap-ass, messy kids in their hotel. While not getting future deals at non-boondocks hotels isn’t a disaster, it’s also not the direction we want to keep things moving (bigger+better), so we encourage people to stay @ Green Valley if they can (and it’s hardly some sacrifice- this hotel is the nuts, and the rooms are majorly discounted). So this means our official thread is about advocating the hotel that helps keep things growing. It’s that simple, and I don’t appreciate people implying that I’m trying to BS them about the hotel for some personal reason- making Green Valley work is in the interest of everyone that wants to see the scene continue to grow.

Agreed. These events can add a lot, and we’re actually working on them (as well as a few other special surprises). I will say that one thing that helped put team tourneys on the back burner was last year, where a lot of the team players didn’t even bother to show up for their events. Lots of interesting possibilities here though, and ideas are welcome. I’m personally excited by humiliation-style bets- losing team must shave their heads, etc.


We win. =)

I think it’d be dope if EVO gave out a lifetime achievement award. Like give Valle a statue or something. And show clips of his successes and make him cry. That’d be touching.

Also, a lot of newer players don’t know too much about the history of SF and US SF. Like Daigo’s first trip for A3, Team USA, etc etc. A short documentary would be cool, just to get everyone up to speed and understanding how far stuff has come.

And raffles would be hotness. If you could buy a ticket and win prizes, that’d be cool.


You said a lot of places wouldn’t even talk to you guys and consider having a bunch of messy gamers fill up their hotel. But didn’t MLG plan this event before EVO was attached, and the place is going to be full of messy gamers with or without EVO attendees?

It’s not like SRK had to break the barrier and convince Green Valley Ranch to host EVO. The work was already done by MLG, SRK just attached themselves to it. And I imagine MLG is going to make A LOT of money for Green Valley Ranch.

Good ideas. I especially like easy to implement ones, like the raffle (last year we did exactly that, but the “tickets” were free. We also just threw a bunch of stuff into the crowd, or had retarded contests for it).

As far as the docu goes, that’s exactly this kind of thing I’d love to see coming from the community- most staff already have their hands full doing exciting stuff like calling people back and making sure (X) will get where it needs to be by date (Y).

I don’t know you or where you think you’re getting your info, but this is wrong. I do appreciate your continuing efforts to belittle/deny our work however, because as any tourney organizer can tell you, tourneys just happen all by themselves- easy as pie!

As to Green Valley making money, yes, you’ve sussed out their evil master plan- that hotel is in business and makes deals TO MAKE MONEY! (thunderclap sounds). That’s kind of what businesses like hotels do, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen no matter where you stay.

The same thing will happen with restaurants, etc. Wherever you spend your money, that business will make money off of you. The only reason we care about people staying at the hotel and not about restaurants, etc., is because 1) Green Valley is a good deal and we worked hard to get it 2) If the players do not actually make Green Valley any money, then they and other hotels become uninterested in accepting the risks that go along with holding events like ours. That means fighters go back to cramming 1,000 dudes into one of the 4 remaining N.American arcades (because EVO is not just about finding a cheap hotel, it also requires getting a space willing to hold the event, and big enough for all the players).


Ohh doggie that would be great.

A little fighting game documentary may be 15 min long.

If you need it I have some A3 and 2i footage from SHGL from back in 98. It was the first big A3 tourny they had there.

Any how.

I guess you haven’t heard, old people don’t win anymore, it’s all about the new school. Stretchy limbs only worked in the 1990s :rofl:

Easily, in ST, I’ll play you and/or Justin for $300. First to 10. Easily.

  1. give the hotel PLENTY of warning, we re gonna get loud as shit

  2. not that anything can be done about it now but, that ceiling doesn t look that high.
    so a projector screen can t be put up as high as the one at pomona, meaning more people cramped altogether. they can t distance themselves cause they won t see.
    if i wanted to be cramped, sweaty and uncomfortable watching the finals…i would goto an arcade event.
    maybe you can try using spare TVs for display during the finals, for me, the greatest thing about EVO2k4 was you get to sit your ass comfortable while the best players duke it out.
    EVO IS the largest US event.

  3. have a cut off area for people playing, sitting on the floor is bad, having people’s legs right by your ass is even worse

WRONG: The date. It should’ve been the first week of August so I could go.

Here’s something i felt worked really well last year:
Posting on the big ass overhead the pools/groups that were currently playing at the time. As someone who got DQed in one game at evo 2k3 while i was playing in another, I can’t stress how convenient that is for people who play several games, especially those who happen to have their different pools running at very close to similar times. It would be great if you guys do this again this year.

Have an EMT ready, because someone is going to get alcohol poisoning…I’m saying, don’t let them get away with that shit, it could be a top player. You prop them up on the machine, and make them play anyway.

you must have alot of time on yo hands Phil lol crazy mufugga.

just a couple things due to limited time.

mvc2 on dc isnt good. never has been. its the best settlement. not “good”. I understand console is the “future” and all that great stuff but you are putting many players on one limb.

Im not sure as to the degree of how accurate this info is, but someone who looked up and called the hotel told me this Green Ranch resort shit is around 30 mins from the strip? hope not. all that stuff you named being at a “resort” from bars to casino to pool are all things every other hotel in vegas has as well. even the shittiest ones.

ok I gotta go back to work haha.

I really like this idea. Hope it actually happens…


I’d like to see a documentary type thing to give a little insight into how the community has evolved over the last decade or so. Though, it’d probably take too much time and too many resources to get together in a month and a half.

I really like the idea of posting the pools that are currently running, please keep doing that. I would hope that you wouldn’t get DQed for playing another game…though, if you forgot which pool you were in, that’s your own ass.

It’s nice to think that we could go to any of the hotels and say “You want us. We’re paying you this much. K, thanks.” Remember: we can’t just get a place 'cause we asked. And other places on the strip are far more pricey. If you guys are okay with us raising the cover charge even more, maybe next time we’ll try to find you a place right on the strip, if they’ll have us.

  • James

why even advertise it to be in las vegas when its not really in las vegas. maybe it wouldve been a better idea to have it at cal poly again.

when evo is listed as las vegas, i think of the strip and gambling and hookers and what not. so maybe listing evo as las vegas will give people the wrong idea. maybe say :

EVO 2k5 at the Green Valley Ranch, 30 minutes away from LAS VEGAS! especially since this place seems to get further and further away from vegas everyday. it was like 10-15 minute last week, now its 30 minutes, by the time evo rolls around, it’ll be atleast 2 hours away. i dont know.

in this case, no one will be able to complain about the location of evo and whatever that goes along with it if it was called EVO2k5 at Green Valley Ranch

well i for one am i not staying at the green valley ranch. got free rooms at the strip + got a van. HAHAHAHA s-kill please have your field day with this, i know this is what you live your life for. please be an asshole about it. gogogo. have fun gl. fuck yo life

everything was GREAT about evo, until watson dissappeared??

and gogogo for 5v5 mvc2, 3s, cvs2