Forums Are Closing


Few people will read this, if any at all…

I can’t say it’s unexpected. I have spent a lot of years & time on this Forum. I learned a lot about this game and saw myself grow as a player because of this forum. Most importantly, I made a lot of friends. Some, I am still close with to this day. Everything comes to an end, and this is an end of an era. Though I don’t visit often, but I’ll miss this place. So long Warriors… :slight_smile:


RIP money match thread.

Afro Leg Ends best photoshop in here.


Ahh man. Memories. Things I’ll miss:

Jion Wansu constantly trying to convince people to make Akuma legal (lol)
OGs freaking out on HDR because of perceived slights
HDR vs ST in general
Finding tech so late in ST’s life (Hawk Sako Special, safejump DP autocorrect, 50/50 unblockable tatsus, etc)
Community just saying "fuck it, let’s just use CPS2 ST"
Early days of GGPO

It’s been an honor and privilege to play ST with a lot of you guys. The vast majority of my SF2 knowledge comes from here. Keep it real.


Yo, Fatboy. I hear you. I would like you to know that several years ago, when I decided to give SF a try long after the omnipresent-arcade years, as I found out CPS-1 SF was dead, this place caught me, with amazing players and posters helping others “just because.” Nohoho, Graham, Kuroppi, NKI, Jimmy Bones, djfrijoles, and of course you. While most of the OG SRK looked toxic and hostile, this place looked like a tight group of nice people with one thing in common: love for traditional SF. You inspired me to eventually stop lurking and post, eventually helping others, too.

Much has changed since more than 10 years ago, when SF4 was unthinkable and MvC2 was the one main game in the western FGC, the hype monster. I’ve made several friends, both off and online, and I consider you one of them. Would you ever visit Brazil - you should - please let me know. I’ll at least help you maintain your figure with a Brazilian barbecue!

PS: I will also leave it here than NH2 was also a major inspiration. He lives in our hearts.


RIP SRK guys. I loved GGPO and ST in general. It’s a shame I could never find any other fighters I loved as much as SF2 other than some of the Samurai Shodown games. The flashiness and extremely long combos of Marvel never really appealed to me that much.


… and now the forums are not closing. Still feel the same about this place; I am grateful for what it was and all that I garnered from it. See you fools, somewhere, some time…