Forums aren't going at the end of January

Alright guys, back to business as usual.

Thank you Tom.

Nice work, everyone! Thanks Tom!

Now waiting for the patreon link so I can throw my money at them.

Okay, so I’m a bit of an idiot… What’s Discourse?

All this was pretty fighting game like, the forum got rushed the shit down but pulled a comeback off when there was no hope left.

Not sure, I tagged Purbeast in the SFV lounge. He’s knowledgeable about these sort of things.

Thank you!

Wow, kind of surprised it was such a simple matter of over-payment, thanks Tom hopefully with what sounds like the return of premium and lower server rates the forums can become self-sustaining now.

Does this mean that Stuart Hayden is going to be banned again?

Glad to hear we’ll live on! Now some of you OGs that came back for the end can disappear once more. GJ everyone!

SRK Forums with the full parry?

Goat sacrifice worked.


Thank you.

so is this what the forums gonna look like now? I don’t like the way it looks tbh but if it saves SRK I’m all for it.

Wait, your bum ass doesn’t even like SRK anymore. Why the fuck are you making stickies in my section? Fucc outta here with that nonsense.