Forums aren't going at the end of January


I just wanted to express my gratitude to those responsible for keeping the forums alive.

I also want to express my appreciation for those who stepped up to the plate to try to work out an alternative when things weren’t looking so good for the fourm’s survival.

Thank you all.


What a week. Major props to those that worked so diligently to keep things alive, as well as those putting in the hours to make new boards if things took a turn for the worse.


I’m just thankful prem is coming back and that all is well in the SRK land.

Mobile format is still hot garbage though.




I’m eager to give money to srk. Hopefully the patreon will be worth donating to. I need animated avatars and rep again. Custom patreon user titles would be cool too.


I concur. The other thread about the successor site that bchan009 started was great with lots of positive input and support. Good to hear cooler heads prevailed and better decisions were made.


hmm. i wonder if this whole “srk shutting down soon” threat was all a Machiavellian masterminded intricate scheme to get all the old heads that stopped participating in the forums, back again to increase traffic.
if so…
it worked.
mr. wizard you sly fox you. i see you. i see you.


Limitless? That’s my shit. Love that movie.


my homie. :tup:


I do not care about the migration but at least we will sort of live on.


can we still delete the forums for every game older than CVS2?


Looks like imma delete that long farewell letter I wrote in notepad. Thanks to everyone that made this save!


Can we also delete sub forums for each character


where the heck have YOU been?
drunk as fuck i presume lololol


9 month old daughter been eating most of time right now. Only have time to do anything else when she’s sleeping lol.


Yeah seriously, a thread per char is probably enough


Nice, so prem is coming back? Is there any info on that? I looked but didn’t find anything.


From what little info we’ve been provided it seems like premium membership will be done through an SRK Patreon. When that happens though no one knows. I’m guessing once we make the move to discourse. Which again, no one knows when that is happening.


Well, here’s to 14 more years for me then.


Just in cast, I got love for everybody in the forums ( no pedos )
I don’t mean to be a dick, I’m just a dick