Forums difficult to navigate

Issue #1: Unable to get to rest of forums after viewing a profile. Hitting Back would work, but there seems to be no way to proceed forward after viewing a profile.

Issue #2: PMs appear to be missing completely. Closest thing I can see is ‘Start a conversation’, but that seems more thread-like than PMs are (and can have others brought in). Is this the new functionality, or am I missing something?

Issue #3: Unable to view moderator list for any particular forum. This wouldn’t be as bad an issue, but I posted a question in the ‘ask a mod’ thread in GD that hasn’t had any response to it in several days. It relates to something that’s not exactly smiled upon here, and if it’s not cool, I’d rather get a ‘no, don’t post it’ in that thread, than think it’s okay, post up, and then catch an infraction.

#1: Click “forums” on the gray bar.

#2: Conversations replaced PMs. Just make sure you don’t click “Allow invites from others” and you’re golden.

#3: I’m pissed at that one too.