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Hey everybody, I got a problem. I like going on Gamefaqs to check out what information it has on some of the video games I like to check out, but almost every time I look up the forums, there are some winy gamers who complain about video games almost the same way girls complain about my appearance – It’s really inappropriate.

The most recent example is Tekken Revolution in PS3. Despite giving up on Tekken after Tekken 5 came out, I love playing it. Unfortunately, some people have had the nerve to criticize it – which is really stupid since Tekken Revolution is absolutely free. Why would you complain about something that you do not pay for?

What I am really curious to know from you guys is this: I want to know, from your experience, if there are better forums out there. SRK is a forum mainly dedicated to the Fighting Game Community. SRK is a community in which users tend to have a kind of mutual respect for the topics and for one another. I would like to know about other forums that project a similar experience. Forums that talk about video games, current events, relationships, and what have you. What would you recommend?

Every single forum out there is a cesspool of filth, ignorance, and stupidity. Although if you can deal with the elitism, I suggest neogaf.

Good luck getting your membership instated though. I waited two years to be approved.

That’s not true. There’e forums that talk about computers and electrical circuits. They’re not complete crap. They are actually really really good.

Oh noes people are saying nasty things about my games on the internets, whatever will I do?

Drag your ass over to Siliconera, the only gaming site so bitch made it has a rule against making negative comments about games and the butthurt news posters close comments for controversial games, shit sounds right up your street.

Or you could man the fuck up and grow a thicker skin.

And on the Tekken Revolution subject, it’s only free in the same way a demo is free before you buy the full game.

Except the full game is one which the player never stops paying for, at least until they realise the model is fucking stupid and buy TTT2 once and have it to play as much as they like forever.

That first line is not what I sound like. As for manning up and to have thicker skin, I think that’s best for people when they are at work. The forums, I think should not be a waste of anyone’s time. I only care about seeing some new sites I didn’t know about.