Forward HK linked into SA1?

I’ve seen this done in videos but I can’t seem to get the timing down myself. Basically I’m talking about doing Dudley’s forward+HK overhead move that somehow links into rocket uppercut. I can do this link ok with corkscrew blow but I just don’t seem to be able to do it with SA1. Does it involve canceling a follow up medium punch or something? I feel like I’m missing something here either in the timing or execution but I’m not sure what.

Do negative edge if you’r not already doing it. By that I mean strum the three p buttons in a quick smooth order. Also the char has to be crouching for the link to work.

Basically do f+hk while the char is crouching and if you hit confirm do qcf 2x then strum across the 3 p buttons so the game recognizes 6 p inputs.

i wish people would read before posting. i mean seriously the search function is there for a reason. damn irish :x.

the 3S forums haven’t been very busy… i think it’s not such a bad thing that people are making new threads, even if it contains similar contents from previous ones. at least this way, new faces are showing up, rite?

Sorry about that. I did a search for forward linked filtered to this forum (since all the other keywords were too short) and drew a blank. I saw the other thread title but thought it was about UOH linking rather than forward HK.

Anyway thanks for the help OmegaX, I’m slowly getting it to work more and more.