Forza vs. MC3 dub edition

im lookin to tradeback uc2(what a dissappointment :tdown: )
anyone played either of these
im leaning towards forza but mc3 looks pretty damn fun

i havent played them, but they both look good, and they both got really good reviews :tup: but i think overall, forza got the best reviews, and im sure midnight club might not last as long

…i dunnno though, just figured some response is better than none lol

Oh snap, I have a sealed UC2 in front of me. I’m deciding whether or not to go trade for Forza or not. What was it about UC2 that disappointed you?

well i mostly played fps’s since the launch of the xbox and i must say i was really hyped about uc2
got the demo early, dropped quite a few hours on it
once i got the finished copy i was just all around dissappointed but mainly with online play
this game is not made for a single player experience
and the online thus far has been extremely laggy
it drastically affects gameplay
a patch could come in the future but not till at least may 18 bc a game must be out for a full month b4 it can be patched
but then again i cant stand halo 2 :lame:
so… im goin get forza today looks too fun

Somebody post some feedback on Forza please. Does it stand up to PGR2?

i picked up forza today:bgrin:
I’m not much of a driving gamer but i definitely like this one.
I played one match online with no latency.
The career mode is DEEP and unlike gt4 you can begin getting decent cars pretty quick.
I havent hit up all the options yet but fully customizable cars, clubs (i.e. clans), custom soundtracks, etc make it a good purchase
It is very realistic though so dont expect it to handle like project gotham

Hey sounds pretty good. Im glad you say it has good depth, I bought GT4 lately but never really got into it. There is only so many times I can play the same game with updated graphics. It’ll be good to play a new racer!

PGR2 is garbage. Any racing game where you can’t Tune or customize your car isn’t worth playing (unless it’s burnout 3). Get Forza

i gotta get this game, all the reviews are really good.

blasphemous…I’m not a gear head but the racing in PGR2 was top-notch.

On that note, Forza is gonna probably get me in to the hole tuning thing. This game is alot of fun so far.

The only dissapointment are: graphics(beefed up PGR2), no custom made tracks and no dl content. Other than that it’s all good.

HUH? you can have custom soudtracks. The only reason i know a little about tuning is becuase of Tokyo xtreme racer, i played the shit out that game. Forza is just too good though. I’ve had some pretty dope races today, my Skyline taking out a Saleen :tup:

By tracks I meant race tracks. That shit would be too sweet, being able to exchange tracks and race them online.

On custom soundtracks, I love that I can have it playing in the menu as well. It’s not that big a deal I guess but it’s effective.

I used to play TXR and TXR2 a grip on the DC. The tuning aspect was alright but it seems more in depth with this game.

what type of cars are yall driving?
iv gotten accustomed to the awd’s the most

forza is actually the worst racing game i’ve ever played. i keep peeling out and/or fishtailing at every corner. bullshit. all you people are just going along with the hype.

haha, how do you keep peeling out? holding onto the brake while hitting the gas? lol. and fishtail every corner? what do you expect when you don’t slow down. go play Crusin’ USA

a response i expected from soneone that does not want to admit that he spent all his life’s savings on a hyped up game that doesn’t deliver

Do you have the TCS assistance off? If so, then that could probably be why you peeling out.

Hyped up? honestly i’ve only seen 1 commercial for this game, so i don’t see how it was hyped up at all. The real hyped up games were halo2, RE4, MC3 etc.

honestly guys i sold it back
it just didnt give me too much excitement
i think its a great game if you in to a true sim
but sadly it wasnt for me :tdown:

i just cant get enough of sf 3s i just started in march so its so new to me

Higher-ownage. :tup: