Found a misprint X-men Vs Street Fighter toy, how big of a deal is this?


Local game collectable store had this in on their shelves.
I vaguely recall this being a known thing many many many internet years ago, though google returns nothing. Maybe I’m full of shit ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Yes the price sticker is $150


That spiderman in my spot, really




That sticker looks like it can be removed and changed

…just saying


I’m not even interested in buying it, it’s just a curiosity to me.


Fair enough

Who designed the packaging? I’d be pissed if my folks bought be that gift thinking that was Akuma and Wolverine :rofl:


Chinese knock offs where the wrong name gets printed on the box isn’t uncommon.

There are tons of spider man toys labeled “BATMAN”, and stuff like…this…


This looks a little better than a Chinese Knockoff, but I get ya.


A lot better, i’ll agree.

Some Chinese knock offs look pretty damn good though.

I was more saying that it would be difficult to find info on your misprint thing with all these other counterfeit action figures going around.


Yeah, that looks totally officially licensed.



Swear to god, turn your back for a damn SECOND…


What’s the name of that store?


God, can they stop with the fucking remakes? You’d think Hollywood would’ve learned from Ghostbusters, but now they’ve made Wolverine Indian to cater to the SJWs and Akuma wearing a fucking gimp suit so his chest doesn’t trigger and fat-shame anyone, smh.

@“The Martian” Apologise.


Nah, you know I only turn my back after putting their lights out, and 15 or more hits and the hardest of any hard knockdown.

You know where spiderman clips his fired balls.

> His hands.

In a non-Hadouken at all, but very strange-nobody ever does this, unintuitive, upside down wolfpack or Devil Horns pose depending on his fetish that day.

One sick basement pretend playskool scientist, this hormonal schoolkid. :bluu:


See if the colours are off, on the figures, in any way.

That seems to be a big deal.


Martians up in your house

Fucking your wife



Only way anyone’s gonna buy DHALSEEM with no necklace of skulls is by pretending he’s a Wolverine Akuma 2 for 1 Package, and kids parents pick it up just like they said, that’s the one!

or like tai-bone and his weeded out man, get the combination to be scared of the big green guy

Because he is the kind of guy that looks :bluu:

MVC2 online legend


200 wins / 6800 losses.

Many more by RAGEQUIT. Video evidence of his terrible jump back web goo gameplay EXPOSED

Bet he’s even lower tier in X-Men vs SF. Getting beat up by random nigga mortal kombat developer shadows.

Pretending he can optic blast with his tears. Unilever beam :sad: :cry: no tears baby shower bottles

demotiv sucks, spider on spider on a bed, crossover combination low tier.


^^^^^ was thinking to myself “who posted this weird mess” scrolled up and then said “oh of course” then I liked it


Only thing I can do for you is to give a LOL to your post, good man.