Found A MVC2 Arcade Cabinet For $700. Worth It?


Not sure where to post this, but I’ve no idea how much cabinets are worth. The guy I’m buying it from says the screen is a little weak, but everything else works great. Can anyone drop some knowledge on me and tell me if this is a decent price or not?


Depends WHICH cabinet.
You can pack MvC2 in pretty much any cabinet, so value changes accordingly.

Note that a fully working MvC2 setup = Naomi motherboard + I/O board + MvC2 cart = approximately $200-$250 in value, depending on condition and which exact I/O board is included.


Thanks very much for the quick reply.

The cabinet looks like this:

Still haven’t met the guy and found out what kind of buttons/joysticks are in the thing.


Big Blues are nice cabs if you have the space. They’re easy to clean up since they’re just a solid blue color. Here’s one that sold for $500 This one was converted to a MAME cab, so it may actually be an alright deal for $700 with the Naomi stuff. As long as the monitor is in good nick and the control panel isn’t hacked to shit.

Edit: Also If it’s the big blue that has a removable top marquee, make sure it has that too.


Thanks for the advise!

I’ll remember to look and see if its got Naomi parts in it. The cab itself looks great, just a bit dusty, and the button’s are all just as great looking…from the photo’s anyway. I still haven’t seen it in person, just wanted some advise to help me haggle about the price.

Thanks again guys


Oh, found a nice guide that’ll tell you which big blue it is as well.


wait wtf thats mvc1

how dare you


Yeah I know I just mean the cabinet looks the same; its got MVC2 in it though.

Seems like the one I’m looking at buying is a Q-Sound cabinet with an attached marquee.


oh well go ahead and buy it then mail it to me pls


Putting it in the break room of my lab. Should improve the moral of the tech.'s and maybe I can win some of their paychecks back haha,


as someone that has purchased two big blues it really depends on the condition. These cabs get banged up with them being dedicated to a fighting game so make sure it’s physically in good shape.

Additionally, make sure the game boots, that there’s nothing wrong with the naomi in there, and that it has a stereo amp. if it has all the parts needed to run it motherboard wise, that’s half the cost of the cab (motherboard, I/O, Game, and stereo amp). If they’re running the stereo through the IO, that’s ok too.

good luck, and be sure to humblebrag about it!


700 is a o.k. deal if everything is in good condition. I got mine in great condition and a naomi gd rom system with cvs2 for 500. Considering MVC2 usually costs more, I would say that its pretty average. Its screen being weak might be a problem since its annoying to replace. I think you can talk him down a bit. Good luck!


and don’t forget to post it in the arcade cabinet thread when you get it.


I haven’t been able to find an MVC2 for Naomi for less than $200 over the last month. If no one comes down on their price that would be pretty good price depending on the condition of the cab.


Are you talking about the just the cart or the whole system ? I saw one here from paradise arcades for 125 shipped. They usually go for less than they did a couple of years ago. A naomi mother board costs about 50-70. Capcom i/o or sega i/o costs about 100-125. Great thing about the naomi system is that even if you can’t find a cart, you can buy a net dimm and boot it from your computer/ flash card/ raspberry pi.


The cart no system with art sets. Cheapest on eBay right now is $200. I’m waiting for a cheaper one to show up before I pull the trigger.


I think I lucked out; a few months ago, I got an MvC2 cart with instructions, movelist strips, and the game-mechanics-banner-sheet, for a little under $100.


If its good condition the most i would pay for it would be $650. The average price on these would be about $400-$600 depending on location.