Found a third strike cab on craig's list, but something looks wrong

i saw this on Craig’s list today, but something looks wrong. from the pictures, it almost looks like it has a vewlix style layout and bat topped JLF’s.

by the way, i’m not going to buy this (no money) so if you were looking, here you go.

It’s not exactly a Vewlix layout, more like the standard US layout, just skewed a bit.

It’s not a vewlix layout. It’s just a mod from the original control panel. The sticks look like cheap American ones to me.

looks like a converted nba jam cab… looks like someone didn’t do too good a job either.

yeah, i knew something with this, but wasn’t exactly sure on what. too much weird stuff on this cab. good thing i am broke right now, i would have bought the damn thing and ignored all the obvious weirdness…

This- is even better.

The 3rd strike PCB alone is worth around 300$, so 400$ for the whole cab doesn’t seem excessive to me

Damn, that is sweet. Wish I was in that area.

This! Heck, if I had the money (and lived close by, and not across the ocean) I’d buy it just for the challenge of fixing it up and turning it into a legit looking 3S cab (complete with Sanwa parts).

It probably would cost a bill or two to make the control panel legit looking.

Probably, I was thinking a plexi top with a proper 6 button Sega layout and 30mm holes, but on second though, it looks like the entire thing will need to be worked on. But then again, I’m not buying it now am I (heck, it’ll probably be easier for me to get a used Versus City cab where I live).