Found an interesting stick online... (Mayflash)

Whats up all?

I have an arcade stick for PS3 and I was looking online for an arcade stick for Wii for TvC that’s coming out soon; and one for 360 because I have some friends that play on XBL. I came across this

It doesn’t have a title or a manufacturer on the site or anything. Does anyone know about this stick and if it’s worth it?

I don’t care about the quality of the buttons and stick, I’d probably end up modding it anyway.

If you look underneath the name of the product, you will see the manufacturer: mayflash

It’s a Mayflash. It isn’t worth it out of the box. You can do a lot of work to modify it (and IIRC it’s ALOT of work) and make it playable. Search around this forum, there are plenty of mayflash mods or related threads.

I kinda want to buy one just to tear it apart… Hmmm

I would be careful. Those sticks were being advertised as 360 compatible with the use of an adapter. Rumor has it there’s another one that has the same mayflash shape but it’s supposed to be 360/PS3/PC version. It’s white and has street fighter art on it. Can’t verify that either are actually 360 sticks out of the box.

The PCB is quite good and the case isn’t bad at all. They are very easy to mod…I’ve done 4 so far.
If one can get ahold of a Mayflash cheap (I never paid more then $35 shipped), it’s worth the little work.

But considering that one can get a HRAP these days for almost as little these days (on-sale prices of course), might not be the best bang for buck really.

BTH, get a TE and call it a day. You can’t build a stick of that quality for the price it sells. And you wont have a desire to upgrade for a very long time.

Where can you get a Mayflash for less than $35?

Would be a quick example. Plenty of others if one is willing to look. I can personally recommend buying from Sewell.
Also, if you buy 4, they are $29-free shipping.

25 shipped. BOOOOOM

You were right. I ended up looking on their website and it said that exact same thing in the detailed description. lame…