Found cable mods can delete


Found the cable I need. Thanks for the feedback. MODS CAN DELETE


HRAP3 is still produced what? Are you sure you’re calling the right number? Also a picture would be nice


No they said they do not produce the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 Stick anymore thus no support. I didn’t call them I spoke with them through e-mail. I don’t have a picture of the cable. Once I get back home I’ll snap a picture of the cable.


But the store down the way, He still gets them shipped in and produced from Hori, That’s bullshit.


Wow, the guy told me they were discontinued…

Dear aka_illmatic,
Thank you for contacting us.
In regards, because the product has been discontinued, we no longer have parts or the products to provide you with a replacement.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.
In reference to purchasing parts, we are not aware where you may be able to purchase these. We suggest that you search for possible vendors on the internet.
We deeply regret that we are unable to provide further assistance in regards to this issue,
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
Thank You Very Much,


can you not just solder in any normal usb cable?
For only $1.60 each when QTY 50+ purchased - USB 2.0 A Male to B Male 28/24AWG Cable - (Gold Plated) - 15ft | USB 2.0 Cables - Regular Type


I found the cable I need. Its a USB Internal Female Header to USB “A” Cable. Basically a internal female connector to a PCB or motherboard to Male A cable. Very weird cable that most places do not carry because normally you would go from A to B or Female to Male either internal or external but not both. This is a link to the cable: USB Internal Female Header to USB A Cable [USB-A-FHEADER] :, … sleeve it and they will come
Thanks for the feedback!


You could have just used any USB cable with an A end.
The other end does not matter, because you’ll just be cutting if off and soldering to the PCB.

No one has identified what the connector HORI uses yet.
And I wouldn’t think be able to find a USB with same connector anywhere.

Are you having a hard time finding a USB cable because you just want to be able to plug in?
You don’t want to do the soldering?


Well, I don’t know how to solder. I thought the connector was just a normal internal 5 pin usb connection, all USB cables have one type of connection which would be A to B/mini/5 pin internal etc don’t they? If I knew how to solder I would deff just get a normal USB cable and go to town.


I doubt they produce it now anymore now that Hori has the Hrap V3 SA and the VLX to sell.

My guess is they produced a certain amount of HRAP 3 and have it in backstock in warehouses but are not actually manufacturing new sticks in the style.

There’s also a large backstock of Tekken 6 HRAP’s in stores in addition to Arcana Heart 2 sticks (similar style, soldered-in buttons) that just are not selling.


the 5-pin connector on something that gets thrown/beaten around quite a bit would be a bad idea. Soldering it in keeps the connection secure, and is more than likely how the cable is connected to the PCB. It’s not difficult to desolder the old one and solder in the new one though.


The cable that the HRAP3 uses is a normal USB internal female to A cable. The way the cable is connected to the PCB is through a 5-pin connector similar to a quick connect. If you ever worked on a computer(Desktop) its the same 5-pin connector on the motherboard that you will use to add front USB ports on your PC. Its just instead of have it be internal female to type A female it will be internal female to type A male. The link I posted is the exact same cable used in the HRAP 3 only difference is that it has a dusk cover and is longer. You don’t see the cables often because a computer will deff not use such a cable from motherboard to external device. Its my first time seeing such a cable.

As far as soldering again, the way its connected from factor is through the cable to a quick connect on the PCB. If you have a HRAP3 crack it open and take a look, no soldering. Just a 5-pin male connector on the PCB connected to a 5-pin female to type A Male usb cable.


I have a lot of Arcade Sticks.
I know what is inside.
I know HRAP.

Your Post wasn’t directed to me though.

But even though it uses connectors, the USB can still be soldered.
But I see you don’t know how to solder, which is why you want connectors.

Your situation is very common though.
I see these Threads all the time, asking for fix of the USB.
Or ask where to find a replacement cable with the same connector.

All those Threads have same answer of soldering. :sad:
Or to buy a USB from someone who made their HRAP be Wireless or something.


Ah, I see, guess that’s different than the way it was on my HRAP EX then.


My post was to state what type of connector is inside, it was directed toward everyone who said solder/connector unkown/. You said that the connector has not been identified which it has(5-pin). You know HRAP you know it uses 5-pin connector. Thats exactly what I needed to know. Just sharing the information I got because so far no one knew what was inside the stick besides PCB,wires,etc. Couldn’t get a straight answer. No one said the USB cable couldn’t be soldered, I just don’t know how :looney: which is why I wanted to know what type of connection was inside of it.
Laugh out loud.
Again thanks everybody for the feedback, I’ll deff try to learn how to solder in the future to prevent these problems again.:karate:


If you don’t want to do it, buy a USB cable and take it to a electronics shop. You should be able to find one in the phone book. If you could take the stick apart and bring only the PCB that would be even better. It would not cost more than a few dollars and take 10 minutes.


I meant the exact connector.
The same brand and pitch and all that.

I already know it uses a five pin.


Not salty, just happy I found what I needed. Just a cable, so I can finally replace it. Just took a while to find out what type of connector it uses, because no one seemed to know what it was.:slight_smile:


Doesn’t matter the pitch and brand of connector its all USB. Its universal so it’ll work. Thats exactly what I needed to know what connector and what its called cause every time I searched I would find the connector but to a female port not male.


Here is picture I just took.

If the USB cable you bought can fit into that Header of HRAP PCB, then it is cool.

But what is not cool is the pinout of the USB cable you found.
It does not match the pinout of HORI.

Why I mention brand and pitch is so we can go and purchase the same Housing.
Then just crimp the wires and insert they way HORI assigned the USB pinout to be.

This would have been cool too.

But pinout does not match.