Found: Camera

I found a camera inside of its case while checking out of GVR on Monday. If you think it might be yours, PM me with full descriptions of the camera and the contents of the case. If it’s yours, we can work something out so it can be returned to its rightful owner.

dude your dope for doing this…i lost my camera last year and that hella bumed me out

we need more people like you doing stuff like this

Choi. Real American Hero.

someone should sticky this

Yay. The rightful owner of the camera has been found.

Please help out fellow SRKers and post here if you may have found any items that does not belong to you.

I found a “Playing to win book” it was on the floor next to my cabinet on saturday. I couldn’t find the owner so I took it home.

If you lost one and you can tell me what is written on the inside of the cover ill mail it out to you.

I kept thinking to myself when I saw Choi’s post: “Man, I really hope whoever lost their camera gets it back. That would suck big time.” Then, something struck me last night: it’s MY fucking camera.

Man, I feel stupid. Looked for my camera all last night and couldn’t find it, then put two and two together. Thankfully, Choi’s got it, and I should be able to get it back soon. :slight_smile:

  • James

:tup: This thread gets big props. :tup:

Very big props. Choi, that’s very cool that you tried to find the owner, and I’m glad you did. James Chen, please allow me to point and laugh at you for a sec for your realization on whose camera it was, heh heh.

Likewise, CigarBob that is very cool of you. I’ve seen plenty of threads about people stealing someone’s stuff…it’s very nice to see threads about getting things back to the proper owners. Nice cabinet by the way – wish I’d had time to play on it, that was neat looking.

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All i know is i’d feel very uncomfortable if a random person had my picture as his avatar…

The person who the book belongs to has contacted me and he will be gettting it back soon.

cmon, that is like the goofiest expression ive ever seen.